“The Meaning of Success brings together the stories and life experiences of women from across the collegiate University. This investigation provides a rare opportunity to reconsider what success means by sharing the contributors’ distinct and very individual life journeys that have led them to Cambridge.

All the women featured in the book are successful. It is apparent however, from the unacceptably low numbers of women in senior roles across the University and in society more generally, that the traditional understanding of success can often disadvantage women. By exploring these inspirational stories, this book reminds the reader that talent and excellence can be found across the University and in every walk of life. It provides an opportunity to reflect on how success is recognised and rewarded, giving us scope to redefine and extend the qualities and attributes we associate with being successful.

I am quite sure that the University is not unique in having so many talented women amongst its workforce. But I am equally sure that this book will inspire others to realise their potential and question the meaning of success both for themselves and in others.”

Professor Sir Leszek Borysiewicz FRS FMedSci
Vice-Chancellor, 2010 to 2017