The war on Ukraine

28 February 2022

Find the latest information on what the University is doing for Ukrainian academics and students, and resources for staff and students on Russia's invasion of Ukraine.

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Buildings in ruin in Ukraine

Opinion: Putin's war of attrition

24 Feb 2023

Former UK Ambassador to Russia, Sir Laurie Bristow, on what lies behind Putin's war on Ukraine and why we must begin to prepare for change in Russia...

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War in Ukraine widens global divide in public opinion

21 Oct 2022

'Mega-dataset' of public opinion covering 97% of the planet finds a 'world divided' between liberal US-backing populations and illiberal nations...

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Ukrainian students depart

16 Sep 2022

The Ukrainian medical students who received essential training at Cambridge University over the summer will take the specialist skills they have...

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Ukrainian medical students arrive at Cambridge for vital clinical placements

05 Aug 2022

University of Cambridge is partnering with Kharkiv National Medical University to provide expert teaching and support the Ukrainian health and...

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Cambridge launches Ukrainian support package

27 Jun 2022

Comprehensive new support package will help those who have been forced to leave Ukraine or are unable to return, as well as those who have remained.

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Ukraine is a homeland of homelands

17 May 2022

Writing for the Atlantic, Dr Rory Finnin looks at how Crimean Tatars have long helped shape Ukraine's identity and sense of self.

On Geopolitics podcast: Ukraine - is China on Russia's Side?

10 May 2022

Prof Bill Hurst from the Centre for Geopolitics looks at how China is grappling with consequences of the invasion of Ukraine, plus the wider...

Funded programmes to help scholars and students affected by the war on Ukraine

05 May 2022

The humanitarian tragedy unfolding in Ukraine continues to galvanise our community. Led by the Ukraine Taskforce, the Collegiate University has...

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Opinion: The failure of Russian propaganda

03 May 2022

Russia's years-long information war has failed to build support among Russian-speaking Ukrainians, especially in Donbas, argues Dr Jon Roozenbeek.

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Vladimir Putin, illustration

Research exposes long-term failure of Russian propaganda

03 May 2022

A study of the propaganda that flooded Donbas for years reveals a failure to build pro-Russian 'in-group' identities in the region, despite Putin’s...

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'Ukraine Teach-in' at the Cambridge Union

02 May 2022

Watch the all-day event that saw experts from Cambridge and beyond give lectures on the culture, history and economics of Ukraine.

Opinion: The West must beware the language of appeasement

28 Apr 2022

Words shape our world. We must see Russia's war on Ukraine for what it is and stop appeasing Putin with our words, write Dr Rory Finnin and Dr Thomas...

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