The war on Ukraine

28 February 2022

Find the latest information on what the University is doing for Ukrainian academics and students, and resources for staff and students on Russia's invasion of Ukraine.

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Don’t look away – that’s what Putin wants you to do

22 Mar 2022

Dr Rory Finnin and Dr Jon Roozenbeek lay out tactics to help people navigate the "coming waves of distractions and distortions" for Politico.

The future of the Ukrainian economy

21 Mar 2022

Alexander Rodnyansky, Cambridge faculty member and economic advisor to Ukrainian President Zelensky, is interviewed for the Economics Faculty website.

Russia invades Ukraine: the reaction from the Indo-Pacific

17 Mar 2022

The Centre for Geopolitics convenes a panel to examine the reaction from the region, including the University's Dr Shruti Kapila and experts from...

Channel 4 News debate: Should we be doing more?

16 Mar 2022

Dr Olenka Pevny joins a panel of experts and politicians for a special C4 News debate on the war, and whether the UK should be doing more to assist...

Possible draft of an 'off-ramp' framework agreement

16 Mar 2022

Prof Marc Weller, an international law expert with years of experience in conflict negotiation, publishes an updated draft of his proposed Framework...

Ukraine’s cultural heritage faces destruction

15 Mar 2022

Ukraine has a cultural inheritance that has outlasted atrocities and Soviet oppression, writes Dr Olenka Pevny. We must ensure it survives Russia's...

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Patient being treated in a Kharkiv hospital during a 2015 military operation

Opinion: The challenges faced by doctors and nurses in conflict zones

15 Mar 2022

Professor Mark de Rond from Cambridge Judge Business School outlines some of the unique pressures faced by doctors and nurses in Ukraine, in this...

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Sander van der Linden: #GlobalMinds4Ukraine

15 Mar 2022

Cambridge social psychologist Sander van der Linden gives a talk for the Kyiv School of Economics on how to fight Russian disinformation.

A Ukrainian soldier near the front lines in the Donbas region in 2015

Russia-Ukraine ‘off-ramp’: potential plan drafted by Cambridge peace negotiator

14 Mar 2022

An international law expert outlines terms for a possible agreement on Ukraine, including proposals for the Donbas and Crimea regions, and a '...

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Russian attempts to invoke international law dismantled

09 Mar 2022

Professor Marc Weller, a leading expert in international law and advisor on a large number of peace negotiations, debunks in turn Russia’s attempts...

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Ukraine invasion: context, consequences and the information war

08 Mar 2022

The Bennett Institute's podcast features Rory Cellan-Jones interviewing the University's international relations expert Prof Ayse Zarakol and others...

Opinion: Russian gas will fund Putin’s war

08 Mar 2022

Would Europe cutting off Russian oil and gas imports be enough to convince Putin to stop the war on Ukraine? According to Dr Chi Kong Chyong from the...

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