Climate change is affecting the planet at an alarming pace. To respond to this threat, we need to build resilience, make the transition from fossil fuels to a zero carbon future, act sustainably to protect the planet's precious resources and reduce waste.

The climate crisis: towards zero carbon

26 February 2020

Sir David Attenborough, Dr Jane Goodall DBE and leading Cambridge University researchers talk about the urgency of climate crisis – and some of the solutions that will take us towards zero carbon.

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COVID-19 and the interspecies frontier

08 Jul 2020

Professor of World History, Sujit Sivasundaram, discusses how our long history with pangolins reveals the preconditions of both the pandemic and...

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Plastic: the new fantastic?

05 Jun 2020

Hear how Cambridge researchers are working towards eliminating plastic waste and making best use of one of the most successful materials ever...

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Climate change will turn coastal Antarctica green, say scientists

20 May 2020

Scientists have created the first ever large-scale map of microscopic algae as they bloomed across the surface of snow along the Antarctic Peninsula...

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COVID-19 severity associated with increased levels of air pollution in England, preliminary study finds

21 Apr 2020

Scientists at the University of Cambridge have found an association between living in an area of England with high levels of air pollution and the...

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The world's their fish finger

12 Mar 2020

Smothered in ketchup or squished into a sandwich, there’s one tasty convenience food that’s hard to resist. Now two Cambridge researchers believe...

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Women in STEM: Dr Maria Russo

12 Mar 2020

Dr Maria Russo is a Research Associate in the Department of Chemistry, where she studies the physical and chemical processes at work in the...

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New tools show a way forward for large-scale storage of renewable energy

02 Mar 2020

A technique based on the principles of MRI and NMR has allowed researchers to observe not only how next-generation batteries for large-scale energy...

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Cambridge researchers advise county council on net zero policy actions

19 Feb 2020

A team of early-career researchers from the University of Cambridge are working with the county council to identify the best ways for Cambridgeshire...

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Fixing India’s slum rehabilitation housing

13 Feb 2020

Millions of new houses being built for former slum-dwellers are failing their residents and fuelling unnecessary energy use. New research aims to...

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High flying academics

10 Feb 2020

Cambridge University has committed to dramatically reducing its carbon footprint. But making a meaningful difference will involve tackling the...

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New book shows how to build a more flood resilient future

04 Feb 2020

We urgently need to adapt our built and natural environment to be more flood resilient in the face of climate change, a new book shows.

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Prince of Wales launches new UK centre for low-carbon aviation

28 Jan 2020

The Prince of Wales today launched the National Centre for Propulsion and Power during a visit to the University of Cambridge. Based at the world...

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