Climate change is affecting the planet at an alarming pace. To respond to this threat, we need to build resilience, make the transition from fossil fuels to a carbon zero future, act sustainably to protect the planet's precious resources and reduce waste.

An extra vegetarian option cuts meat consumption without denting food sales

01 October 2019

First major study on “nudging” people towards sustainable diets shows replacing a meat or fish dish with another veggie option in college cafeterias dramatically increases herbivorous dining.

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'Upcycling' crowned Cambridge Dictionary's Word of the Year 2019

05 November 2019

Cambridge Dictionary has named 'upcycling', the activity of making new items out of old or used things, as its Word of the Year 2019. 

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Opinion: Climate change, pandemics, biodiversity loss – no country is sufficiently prepared

01 November 2019

Two Cambridge risk researchers discuss how national governments are still stuck on "old problems", and run through the things that should be...

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Switching to ‘green’ inhalers could reduce carbon emissions and cut costs, study suggests

30 October 2019

Many current inhalers for conditions such as asthma contain propellants that are potent greenhouse gases. A study from researchers at the...

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Extent of human encroachment into world’s protected areas revealed

28 October 2019

Largest study yet to compare protected with “matched” unprotected land finds “significantly higher” increases in human pressure – primarily...

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Revealing the nanostructure of wood could help raise height limits for wooden skyscrapers

23 October 2019

Cambridge researchers have captured the visible nanostructure of living wood for the first time using an advanced low-temperature scanning...

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Virtual investment experiment indicates informed consumers choose sustainable funds even with reduced returns

22 October 2019

A new study has shown that when given clear social and environmental performance data, consumers display an appetite for sustainable investment, ...

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‘Artificial leaf’ successfully produces clean gas

21 October 2019

A widely-used gas that is currently produced from fossil fuels can instead be made by an ‘artificial leaf’ that uses only sunlight, carbon dioxide...

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Electronic solid could reduce carbon emissions in fridges and air conditioners

09 October 2019

A promising replacement for the toxic and flammable greenhouse gases that are used in most refrigerators and air conditioners has been identified...

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Weather board at Cambridge University Botanic Garden showing data for 25 July 2019

Cambridge vs climate change | Vice-Chancellor's blog

20 September 2019

The Vice-Chancellor, Professor Stephen J Toope, kicks off a global day of action with a discussion on the University’s efforts to tackle climate...

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