Combating infectious diseases and the threat of antimicrobial resistance remains one of the greatest global challenges.

Sharon Peacock

Superbug detective

01 May 2010

The expertise of Cambridge's new Professor of Clinical Microbiology, Sharon Peacock, is helping to drive a programme of research that will track and...

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Prize Pig

Towards a ‘super-vaccine’ for swine bacterial diseases

01 Mar 2010

A new multidisciplinary research programme aims to develop a single vaccine that will combat four major respiratory pathogens of pigs.

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Scientists make new discoveries in battle with superbug

22 Jan 2010

New research from Cambridge should help hospitals control the spread of MRSA and other emerging superbugs.

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Fabric of folly - weekly unique visitors

Risk initiatives seek to challenge the stats we’re in

21 Jan 2010

Two different projects which aim to improve our understanding of the nature of, and statistical realities behind, health scares, natural disasters...

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Influenza virus

From pandemic to policy: combating swine flu

01 Jan 2010

A new collaborative project aims to understand how pandemic viruses jump the species barrier and spread through communities.

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Integration of retrovirus DNA

What Darwin didn’t know: viruses and evolution

01 May 2009

Scientists in the Department of Veterinary Medicine are studying viruses as pathogens in host populations, endeavouring to understand the...

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Unravelling the secrets of Salmonella infection

01 May 2009

Two new studies have uncovered important clues about how a prolific pathogen causes disease.

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Completing the jigsaw: multidrug resistance in bacteria

01 Apr 2009

The discovery of an elusive pump component opens up new avenues to understand and combat multidrug-resistant bacteria.

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IMF loans “strongly linked” to tuberculosis

22 Jul 2008

The rapid spread of tuberculosis in eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union has been fuelled by the economic policies of the International...

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New Classroom

Schools get valuable lesson on disease dynamics

04 Jul 2008

Teenagers from two schools visited the Centre for Mathematical Sciences this week to show how they'd unearthed valuable data on disease dynamics...

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Influenza virus particle

Cambridge Infectious Diseases initiative launched

01 May 2008

Cambridge Infectious Diseases (CID), officially launched this month, is bringing together the expertise of Cambridge to address the challenge of...

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Parasites: the master manipulators

01 Sep 2007

The common view has been that parasitic infections cause disease and must be eliminated. But can we live without them?

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