New technologies and strong academic-industry partnerships have the potential to change the face of therapeutic medicine.

Pocket diagnosis

19 Mar 2014

A new app which turns any smartphone into a portable medical diagnostic device could help in the fight against diseases including HIV, tuberculosis...

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Out of mind, out of sight: suppressing unwanted memories reduces their unconscious influence on behaviour

18 Mar 2014

New research shows that, contrary to what was previously assumed, suppressing unwanted memories reduces their influence on behaviour, and sheds light...

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Visualising treatment response: lymphomas responding to treatment, imaged using hyperpolarised carbon (red signal indicates greater response)

The University and Medimmune announce oncology research collaboration

12 Mar 2014

A University of Cambridge cancer research laboratory which uses imaging technologies to measure key biologic changes within growing tumours has...

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Enterprising Cambridge students win major breast cancer start-up competition

07 Mar 2014

Two teams of University of Cambridge students have won a prestigious international competition to commercialise innovative breast cancer research.

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Study of peanut allergy therapy shows 84 per cent success

30 Jan 2014

A new therapy for peanut allergy has been successful in the majority of the 99 children who took part in a clinical trial.

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Holographic diagnostics

22 Jan 2014

‘Smart’ holograms, which are currently being tested to monitor diabetes, and could be used to monitor a wide range of medical and environmental...

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Drug developed in Cambridge approved for treatment of multiple sclerosis

17 Sep 2013

Approval concludes nearly 40-year epic journey from fundamental research to discovery of an effective treatment for active relapsing multiple...

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Clearing the BAR to oral vaccines

10 Jun 2013

A new technology under development by an academic–industry partnership protects oral vaccines from destruction by the digestive system.

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New device could make diagnosing disease as simple as breathing

25 Apr 2013

A range of diseases and conditions, from asthma to liver disease, could be diagnosed and monitored quickly and painlessly just by breathing, using...

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Waldmann, Clark and Hale

Campath: from innovation to impact

01 Aug 2009

The path from innovation to impact can be long and complex. Here we describe the 30-year journey behind the development of a drug now being used to...

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