Digital technologies are opening up new fields of study and generating research questions that breach traditional disciplinary boundaries.

Heavens above

27 May 2014

A 600-year-old astronomical document is now moving into the modern era, with a symposium at the Whipple Museum tomorrow (Wednesday 28 May) to mark...

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Illuminating Cambridge worldwide

07 March 2014

Arts Council England grants £87,582 to create online digital archive of Fitzwilliam Museum manuscripts.

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The longitude problem: 300-year-old archive opened to the world

18 July 2013

It was the conundrum that baffled some of the greatest and most eccentric experts of the 18th century - and captivated the British public during...

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Welsh Twitter: capturing language change in real time

29 May 2013

A database of Welsh tweets is being used to identify the characteristics of an evolving language.

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Workers’ strikes and Facebook likes

24 May 2013

Research on Egypt is looking at how to read revolution and grass roots opposition through social media.

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Captain Cook’s Maori paddles: an artefact of encounter

22 May 2013

Maori paddles presented to Captain Cook’s crew on their first voyage of discovery capture the spirit of a first encounter between two cultures....

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The un-Limited Edition

21 May 2013

Emerging new digital editions at Cambridge are effecting a sea-change in the nature of the scholarly edition, radicalising access to vital source...

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Major motion pictures from our prehistoric past

17 May 2013

Cambridge archaeologists are illuminating some of the oldest graphic art of the past, by applying some of the most advanced graphic technology of...

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Creativity that counts

14 May 2013

In a digital world, literature, art and music are often the result of collaborative efforts. But who owns what, and can copyright law cope? New...

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