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We are are helping to end death and disease caused by cancer, saving more lives by detecting early and personalising treatments. The experiences of patients and their families shape every stage of research and of plans for the Cambridge Cancer Research Hospital, as we work together to change the story of cancer.

Cancer isn’t fair – but care should be

04 February 2024

Listening to people's lived experiences is helping to improve the awareness and uptake of cancer care. On World Cancer Day, we take a look at some of the ways researchers are working with communities to ‘close the cancer care gap’.

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Beacons of life and death: chromatin and cancer

01 Jan 2010

A new generation of cancer therapeutics is on the horizon thanks to fresh light being shed on how genes are switched on and off.

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Hutchison/MRC Research Centre

Hutchison/MRC Research Centre

01 Jan 2010

Fundamental research is pioneering innovative approaches to cancer diagnosis and treatment at the Hutchison/MRC Research Centre.

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Metastatic Breast Cancer in Pleural Fluid

Scientists pinpoint breast cancer ‘guard’ gene

06 Oct 2009

Scientists are close to discovering how normal breast cells become cancerous, according to research published today.

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Elizabeth Blackburn

Cambridge graduate wins Nobel Prize in medicine

05 Oct 2009

Elizabeth Blackburn, an alumna of Darwin College and a recipient of an Honorary Doctorate of Science from the University earlier this year, has been...

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A Wright's stained bone marrow aspirate smear of patient with precursor B-cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia

New route to Leukaemia uncovered

28 Sep 2009

Scientists have discovered a completely new route by which leukaemia develops, according to research published in Nature this weekend.

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DNA - Red

Genetic link to increased risk of ovarian cancer found

03 Aug 2009

Scientists have located a region of DNA which – when altered – can increase the risk of ovarian cancer, according to research published in Nature...

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Cambridge Research Institute

CRI: linking the laboratory to the cancer clinic

01 May 2009

The Cambridge Research Institute (CRI) is driving the development of new approaches for the early detection, prevention and treatment of cancer.

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Kyung Chae Jeong, National Cancer Center, South Korea

Cancer Research UK

01 May 2009

Cancer Research UK is the world's leading independent charity dedicated to cancer research, spending around £300 million a year on world-class...

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041/365 April 29, 2009

Prostate screening may have benefits

01 Apr 2009

Cambridge University scientists have shown that screening for prostate cancer using prostate specific antigen (PSA) would lead to a reduction in...

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metastatic breast cancer in pleural fluid

Cambridge gene hunters find two new breast cancer genes

30 Mar 2009

Two new regions of the human genome linked to breast cancer have been found by an international team of scientists led by Cambridge University...

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Pink ribbon

Scientists crack the code to tamoxifen resistance

13 Nov 2008

Scientists have discovered the molecular basis for tamoxifen response in breast cancer cells - and the reason why some women can develop resistance...

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IMS- Institute of Metabolic Science

Translating research into healthy lives

01 May 2008

MRC-supported initiatives on the Cambridge Biomedical Campus aim to combat health problems linked with obesity and lifestyle.

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