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Stories from the people that make Cambridge University unique.

The graduate student rewriting Deaf histories and disability histories

05 January 2024

When Kirstie Stage was diagnosed with hearing loss, she realised that the experiences of Deaf and disabled people were missing from the history books. Kirstie is determined to bring these narratives to the fore.

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The plant scientist with a practical vision for Africa (and who wasn’t content to sit and drink tea).

17 Oct 2019

Carol Nkechi Ibe discovered the hard way what it’s like to be bright and educated, and yet feel like you know almost nothing. The life science...

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The student working to make education accessible to everyone

08 Oct 2019

Final-year chemist Shadab Ahmed reflects on his sabbatical year as CUSU Access and Funding Officer, the importance of role models, and how increasing...

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The unschooled anthropologist working with Q'eqchi' weavers

24 Sep 2019

Living for ten months with Q’eqchi’ weavers in the Alta Verapaz of Guatemala, PhD student Callie Vandewiele watched and listened as the women crafted...

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The neuroscientist hoping to slow down dementia and speed up Darwin

23 Aug 2019

When she’s not on the river captaining the Darwin College Boat Club, PhD student Jessica Walsh is investigating a possible link between leaky blood...

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The collector of future memories

24 Jun 2019

College Recorder Alice Oates is passionate about Pembroke, its community and capturing the latest instalment in the College’s 670-year history.

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The engineering student who gets his kicks from playing with the Pythons

03 May 2019

When he’s not catching passes in the backfield and blocking the opposition, Kiran Singh Jolly – a running back with Cambridge University’s American...

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The woman who brought Space Invaders to the UK and is championing women’s sport

08 Mar 2019

She was the first woman in the UK to hold a gaming licence, secured a £27.5 million grant to move Birmingham Children’s Hospital across the city and...

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The doctor using smartphones to save lives in war zones

04 Feb 2019

Having survived the civil war in Afghanistan, alumnus Waheed Arian arrived alone in the UK aged 15. He went on to study medicine at Trinity Hall...

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