Stories from the people that make Cambridge University unique.

The neurobiologist who grew ‘mini-brain’ tissues in a dish

20 September 2021

When Madeline Lancaster’s attempt to grow neural stem cells ‘failed’ she had no idea that the floating balls of cells she saw in her petri dish were in fact miniature brain tissues. They would revolutionise our ability to study the early stages of brain development and take us closer to answering: what makes us human?

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The engineering student who gets his kicks from playing with the Pythons

03 May 2019

When he’s not catching passes in the backfield and blocking the opposition, Kiran Singh Jolly – a running back with Cambridge University’s American...

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The woman who brought Space Invaders to the UK and is championing women’s sport

08 Mar 2019

She was the first woman in the UK to hold a gaming licence, secured a £27.5 million grant to move Birmingham Children’s Hospital across the city and...

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The doctor using smartphones to save lives in war zones

04 Feb 2019

Having survived the civil war in Afghanistan, alumnus Waheed Arian arrived alone in the UK aged 15. He went on to study medicine at Trinity Hall...

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