Stories from the people that make Cambridge University unique.

The medical student who dug deep to overcome challenges

18 June 2021

Fitzwilliam College medical student Buraq Ahmed has had more than his fair share of challenges to overcome. Arriving in the UK from Iraq in 2005 for routine medical treatment, he became stranded when the conflict intensified. He shares how his experiences have shaped him – and what it’s like to start university during a global pandemic.

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The enduring optimist with community in her heart

14 Jun 2021

A love of people, a passion for justice and a desire to see positive change has taken Antoinette Nestor on a winding journey all over the world...

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The futurist who'd like the future to slow down - just a little

10 Jun 2021

The problem with being a futurist, says Richard Watson, is that change is happening a lot faster and a lot crazier these days. We talk to him about...

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The conservationist helping us to make better decisions

04 Jun 2021

Bill Sutherland has started a revolution in conservation. Put simply he’d “like us to stop doing the things that we know don't work and do more of...

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The conservationist who started a Twitter trend and saved Nairobi’s wildlife

22 Apr 2021

Nyandire Reinhard believes the key to protecting ecosystems is to foster a love of nature in the community. He shares the story of how social media...

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The researcher finding inspiration for the planet’s future in Latin American art

23 Mar 2021

Joanna Page has been exploring how work by Latin American artists can help to bring humanity back into a relationship with nature and give us hope...

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The neuroscientist who champions LGBT+ equal rights

26 Feb 2021

Duncan Astle is a neuroscientist on a mission to understand why the brains of some children develop differently to others – and how it affects not...

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The cosmologist modelling the Universe with maths

18 Feb 2021

Dr Tobias Baldauf likes nothing better than seeing an equation ‘cross reality’. His work is helping us to answer some of the remaining questions...

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The scientist watching light at a millionth of a millionth of a second

10 Feb 2021

When she’s not making atomic-scale changes to create super-efficient light bulbs and cut carbon emissions, Professor Rachel Oliver has her sights set...

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The course director forging a new pathway to higher education

18 Jan 2021

Dr Alex Pryce is the Course Director for the University’s new Foundation Year, which offers a pathway to higher education for disadvantaged students...

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The volunteers who went virtual but still delivered Christmas

16 Dec 2020

When Vanessa Chuang and Olivia Taylor became student volunteers, they had no idea they’d need to re-invent their activities as a virtual programme...

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The conservationist, the herders and the fashionistas

02 Dec 2020

Respect for the Mongolian landscape is engrained within her, says Onon Bayasgalan. Her work is helping herders in her home country to preserve...

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The grateful gardener who brought Apocalypse Now to a flowerbed

23 Nov 2020

He builds human-sized nests from twigs, spins circles in the garden and torches wicker men at Harvest Moon. The music-loving college gardener Peter...

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