Derge iron water bottle.

Where to find a dragon in Cambridge

24 Jun 2015

The Cambridge Animal Alphabet series celebrates Cambridge's connections with animals through literature, art, science and society. Here, D is for Dragon. Watch out for fire-breathers among the treasures of the Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology, in Anglo-Saxon proverbs, and in fantasy literature from medieval Scandinavia to the present day.

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Animal, vegetable, mineral: the making of Buddhist texts

12 Jul 2014

The wide-ranging objects on display at Buddha’s Word, an exhibition at the Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology, show how Tibetan book makers used the resources around them to produce manuscripts conveying the messages of a faith in which texts themselves are sacred objects. 

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The Tibetan lama who wrote a world geography

14 Jun 2014

A study by Tibetan scholar Lobsang Yongdan revisits a long-ignored section of a historic text to reveal how Tibetans were engaging with western scientific knowledge two centuries ago.  His research into a geography of the world, first published by a lama in 1830, challenges stereotypical views of Tibet as an isolated and inward-looking society. 

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'The honour of the snow-mountains is the snow…'

31 Oct 2013

For those who live in the shadow of the world’s highest mountain range, the snow-capped peaks have long been an indicator of the ‘health’ of their community. Now researchers are raising awareness of the value of local knowledge as a proxy for gauging environmental change.

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Recent Mural painting at Samding Monastery, Tibet

When a woman becomes a religious dynasty

01 May 2008

A rare Tibetan manuscript - a treasure that had remained hidden for centuries - set in motion a journey by Hildegard Diemberger that was to bring alive the still-unfolding story of a 15th-century Tibetan princess.

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