Darwin Lectures go to extremes

19 Jan 2017

From climate change and extending the human lifespan to political extremism and reporting from war zones, this year’s Darwin College Lecture Series will focus on some of the extremes faced by society. 

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Preparing social scientists for the world of big data

18 Jun 2015

The UK lags behind other countries in preparing social scientists for the world of big data, says Dr Brendan Burchell, Director of a new centre set up to teach undergraduates the advanced quantitative skills they will need to work with massive datasets.

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Let’s get statted

03 Jun 2015

With more information than ever at our fingertips, statisticians are vital to innumerable fields and industries. Welcome to the world of the datarati, where humans and machines team up to crunch the numbers.

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Chicago Skyline

An American Tale

31 May 2010

David Reynolds' attempt to tell the history of America in 90 episodes in the landmark Radio 4 series, "America, Empire Of Liberty" set Cambridge's Professor of International History all sorts of interesting challenges. As he revealed to his audience at Hay, it also forced him to adopt a refreshingly story-based approach to one of history's most epic tales.

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A Class Apart

26 May 2010

Despite our best efforts, social mobility in the UK does not seem to be improving. Diane Reay, Professor of Education at the University of Cambridge, will be speaking at Hay about the hereditary curse of the English education system and her developing vision for a “socially just” replacement.

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