Bike in flood

The making of a National Risk Register

26 Oct 2012

Why does Britain need a National Risk Register (NRR)? To understand what the risks are and how to improve resilience, explains John Tesh, the Cabinet Office official responsible for the NRR and Fellow of Cambridge’s Centre for Science and Policy.

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How much does cybercrime cost?

18 Jun 2012

The first systematic study of the cost of cybercrime recommends that society should spend less on antivirus software and more on policing the internet.

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The Golden Moment when Nobody in the Computer Suite is on Facebook

Online insecurity

02 Apr 2012

Online passwords are so insecure that one per cent can be cracked within 10 guesses, according to the largest ever sample analysis.

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Professor with Police Officer

Cambridge Ideas - The Crime Experiment

12 Apr 2011

Eminent criminologist Prof Lawrence Sherman has just set up a long term experiment with the police, to scientifically study crime in Manchester and come up with some solutions.

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