The lost art of risk management

16 Dec 2014

Dr Mukesh Kumar from the Centre for International Manufacturing suggests that multinational manufacturers are taking unnecessary risks with their industrial investments – and he offers a solution.

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Understanding the “new migration age”

03 Feb 2014

Today, we commence a month-long focus on research on migration. To begin, Professor Madeleine Arnot and Professor Loraine Gelsthorpe, Co-Convenors of the new Cambridge Migration Research Network, discuss the Network’s rationale and aims, and our preoccupation with the impact of migrant populations.

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Apocalyptic thinking and urban resilience

19 Oct 2012

Through analysis of human resilience, particularly in cities, Professor Ash Amin believes that state guarantees of welfare and infrastructure will prove vital for our future – a view that is counter to much of the West’s current policy emphasis on the responsibility of the ‘individual’ in a turbulent age.

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A border without frontiers

16 Oct 2012

As India sets about constructing a metal curtain along the full length of its border with Bangladesh, Cambridge anthropology graduate Delwar Hussain travelled to the remote village of Boropani, which straddles the frontier, to see how the lives of ordinary people are being affected by the tussle between Dhaka and its emerging superpower neighbour. He will be talking about his experiences, which also form the subject of a forthcoming book, in Cambridge this Thursday.

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