‘Mini-placentas’ could provide a model for early pregnancy

28 Nov 2018

Researchers say that new ‘mini-placentas’ – a cellular model of the early stages of the placenta – could provide a window into early pregnancy and help transform our understanding of reproductive disorders. Details of this new research are published today in the journal Nature.

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Tiny sperm, big stories

10 Sep 2014

Sperm will take centre stage at a conference in Cambridge later this week as researchers from a wide range of disciplines gather to consider the narratives that surround the male gametes necessary for human reproduction. 

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Fall leaves

Who do you think you are?

23 Nov 2012

Each year in the UK over a thousand children are conceived using donor tissue. Many parents find it hard to tell their children that they were donor conceived. Bioethicist John Appleby, from Cambridge University’s Centre for Family Research, is looking at some of the ethical questions surrounding disclosure.

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P.676-1985 William Blake Infant Joy, Songs of Innocence (1789) (detail)

The greatest gift

23 Apr 2012

The first comprehensive study of egg-sharing between women undergoing fertility treatment reveals striking empathy on the part of donors and recipients – and may dispel concerns about programmes that offer ‘benefits-in-kind’ in return for donated eggs.

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'Life Race'

A boost for family research

25 Mar 2009

A team studying the psychological well-being of children created by assisted reproduction has been awarded a prize for their work.

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