SOCCs appeal: online learning versus the classroom

13 Aug 2013

MOOCs – or massive open online courses – have been touted a cure for the education sector’s ills by some, but merely the latest symptom of it by others. ICE’s Jenny Bavidge discusses the challenges of online teaching and her experience of ICE’s SOCCs (small online closed courses).

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What is English?

16 May 2013

English speakers who are 18 or under use the word ‘like’ in conversation over five times as often as speakers who are over 70; ‘because’ is the most misspelled English word globally; the word ‘love’ is said and written over six times more frequently than the word ‘hate’. We know all of this because of a multibillion-word database called the Cambridge English Corpus.

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Cambridge launches first Creative Writing degree

26 Mar 2013

The University of Cambridge’s first Master of Studies (MSt) in Creative Writing will explore the art of writing in all its many forms and guises, not just novel writing, according to Course Director Dr Sarah Burton.

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Jarvis Cocker

Lyrics without music, poetry without borders

21 Feb 2012

A series of recitals organised by poet John Kinsella looks at the relationship between song lyrics and poetry, inviting renowned musicians to perform their poetry and lyrics without instruments at Cambridge University. Continuing tomorrow with Jarvis Cocker, the events are free and open to all.

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Cambridge English

Testing the World’s English

15 Nov 2011

English language testing, and the research that underpins it, has been elevated to a new level by the increasing global dominance of English, now used by an estimated 1.8 billion people worldwide.

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Commonplace books from the collection of Professor William St Clair

Facebook's precursor

14 Jul 2011

'Commonplace books' were scrapbooks into which people copied their favourite poems and collected together other items – and were used as the basis for an early version of social networking.

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