Anyone for digital democracy?

02 Mar 2015

Dr Finbarr Livesey – University lecturer and Deputy Director of the MPhil in Public Policy – submitted research to Parliament’s recent report on digital democracy. Here, he discusses the report’s implications for the democratic process in the UK.

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Return of the new gods: Jedis, auras and online witch schools

24 Oct 2014

Research by a digital anthropologist is looking at how new religious movements are harnessing online platforms. These ‘invented religions’ take inspiration from ancient philosophy and recent cultural events to develop doctrine and communities of believers in digital spaces.

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Five ways a digital platform could transform your business

27 Jun 2014

We’ve all seen it happen: a “transformation” programme which leaves the original organisational silos undisturbed. But although this is surprisingly common, Dr Mark Thompson, University Senior Lecturer in Information Systems at Cambridge Judge Business School, says real change is possible: it just means engaging with digital in a fundamental way.

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Colourised geek stuff

Silicon mashup as Valley hits Fen

15 Nov 2011

Interested in what our digital future will look like? This week Cambridge plays host to pioneers of some of the most exciting and disruptive Silicon Valley companies - including Google, Apple and LinkedIn - in series of free public events on the 17 and 18 November, where insights into world-changing ideas will be shared by the people who made them happen.

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