Mbulelo Ndabeni and Julia Gillespie dance in Seven for a Secret (Rambert Dance Company)

Two for joy

21 Nov 2011

An innovative dance performance with creative input from Professor Nicky Clayton, a expert on bird cognition, goes on tour this week. The Rambert Dance Company's newest production - Seven for a Secret, Never to be Told - is an exploration of childhood inspired by the age-old nursery rhyme about magpies and informed by science.

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The ethics of smart drugs

31 Oct 2011

Professor Barbara Sahakian, Professor of Clinical Neuropsychology at the University of Cambridge, has been researching cognitive enhancers for over a decade. Here she discusses the emergence of ‘smart drugs’ and the ethical and practical issues they raise.

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Major new study into brain ageing

25 May 2010

Efforts to understand the effects of ageing on the brain have been given a major boost with the announcement of a new £5m grant from the Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council (BBSRC) to Cambridge researchers.

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The Bird Tango: Cambridge academic fuses love of birds and dance

09 Sep 2009

Nicola Clayton, Professor of Comparative Cognition, has collaborated with the world-famous Rambert Dance Company to produce a contemporary dance based on the works of Charles Darwin. In the video highlighted below, she discusses the scientific inspirations behind the contemporary ballet piece, The Comedy of Change.

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Corey Seehaus

The human brain is on the edge of chaos

23 Mar 2009

There has been speculation for many years that the human brain lives “on the edge of chaos”, at a critical transition point between randomness and order; but direct experimental evidence has been lacking.

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