Here’s looking at you: research shows jackdaws can recognise individual human faces

11 Aug 2015

When you’re prey, being able to spot and assess the threat posed by potential predators is of life-or-death importance. In a paper published today in Animal Behaviour, researchers from the University of Cambridge’s Department of Psychology show that wild jackdaws recognise individual human faces, and may be able to tell whether or not predators are looking directly at them.

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Smart drugs - smart decisions?

23 May 2013

What are the ethical implications for society of allowing healthy people to take ‘smart drugs’ to enhance their performance? Barbara Sahakian will discuss the issue at Hay this weekend.

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Neurons, in vitrio colour!

The man with the golden brain

13 Dec 2011

What’s the point of a brain? This fundamental question has led Professor Daniel Wolpert to some remarkable conclusions about how and why the brain controls and predicts movement. In a recent talk for TED, Wolpert explores the research that resulted in him receiving the Golden Brain Award.

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