AI@Cam is Cambridge University’s flagship mission on artificial intelligence. Leveraging the world-leading research pursued across the University, AI@Cam will create connections between disciplines, sectors, and communities that can unlock a new wave of progress in AI and its application to benefit science and society.

AI today is both a rapidly-advancing technical field and a technology deployed at scale. Its pervasiveness has implications for science, society, and the economy. If all in society are to share in its benefits, further action is needed to overcome the digital divides that influence how AI technologies are developed and deployed. As an engine of AI innovation and a steward of those innovations, the University of Cambridge can play an important role in bridging these divides to create AI technologies that benefit of people, science and society.

Cambridge is already home to world-leading researchers across disciplines, to students enthusiastic about the potential of AI, and to an innovation ecosystem that has a track-record of bringing new technologies to market. Leveraging these strengths, the University can drive a new wave of AI innovation through collaborations that bring together AI expertise with deep domain understanding, and that centre societal interests or concerns in AI development.

AI@Cam is a flagship mission that will support the University in delivering this vision. AI@Cam is a challenge-led initiative that aims to connect the University’s AI capabilities to real-world needs. The initiative will orchestrate activities across the University’s schools and external partners, building a dynamic research community that is well-connected across disciplines and with the wider environment of public, private, and civil society sector stakeholders with an interest in AI.

You can read more about AI@Cam in the review. This initiative is currently in development, and further information about its work will be published over the coming months.

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