Living in a material world: why 'things' matter

18 Oct 2017

Things structure our lives. They enrich us, embellish us and express our hopes and fears. Here, to introduce a month-long focus on research on material culture, four academics from different disciplines explain why understanding how we interact with our material world can reveal unparalleled insights into what it is to be human.

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British Academy welcomes new Fellows

Lord Sainsbury of Turville Hon FRS, Hon FREng, Hon FMedSci, Chancellor of the University of Cambridge, has been appointed Honorary Fellow, and five Cambridge academics have been appointed Fellows of the British Academy.

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Art for our sake

16 Jul 2013

Over the next two decades, millions of pounds will be invested in public art at North West Cambridge. But what does public art bring to the University and city?

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From Illustrated London News, September 16, 1845

Past versus present in an age of progress: the Victorians

14 Oct 2011

Interdisciplinary research has to be the answer when it comes to understanding the Victorians, writes Professor Simon Goldhill, one of the researchers involved in a £1.2 million project on Victorian Britain that is reaching the end of its five-year programme.

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Olga Tribulato as Tiresias and Marta Zlatic as Oedipus in Sophocles' Oedipus the King, 2004

Greek tragedy: setting the stage today

01 Feb 2008

With the curtains just closed on the 40th Cambridge Greek Play since the 1880s, Greek classicist Simon Goldhill reflects on how this creative genre still speaks to a modern audience.

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match making

‘What have the Victorians ever done for us?’

01 Feb 2007

Modern Britain was invented sometime between 1830 and 1900. It's not just a question of industrialization, compulsory education, the right to vote (at least for men) or the growth of towns, important as all those particular processes were.

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