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Following recent appalling events in Israel and Gaza, we are deeply saddened by the loss of innocent lives in Israel, the impact of the escalating violence in Gaza, and the fate of hostages. We share the concerns of our students and staff over the fear and uncertainty faced by their loved ones in Israel and Palestine.

As a University, over recent days we have been focused on our people, offering support and help where it is needed. On Tuesday I wrote to students, staff and alumni who signed an open letter. We have reached out to Jewish and Palestinian groups and have had the opportunity to meet with student representatives from these groups. We will continue to engage with them and with other members of the Jewish and Palestinian communities at Cambridge going forward.

Many of us are affected in direct and indirect ways by this conflict. This is a time for mutual care and support in our community, looking after each other, and helping those around us who are upset or fearful.

We are grateful to those who have already shared their own experiences and feelings in light of terrible events, and we encourage all of those affected by the events in Israel, Gaza, and the wider Middle East to look to the University community for support. We stand with them in solidarity. 

You can find sources of support at this time using the link below.


Professor Deborah Prentice, Vice-Chancellor

Read the Vice-Chancellor's update at a University all staff meeting on 25 October

Sources of support

See sources of support for those affected by recent events in Israel, Gaza and the Middle East >

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