I am grateful to you, and to all who co-signed your letter, for writing. I understand how difficult the past few days have been for those with links to Israel, and for the wider Jewish community, following the brutal attacks against innocent civilians.

In yesterday’s messages to staff and students, Professor Kamal Munir and Professor Bhaskar Vira emphasised the University’s concern for all members of the University community affected by the weekend’s atrocities. The welfare, wellbeing, and safety of our staff and students are, and will remain, our priority.

The University Security Section are on alert to ensure heightened awareness of any activity that might make members of the Jewish community feel unsafe. In addition to proactive patrolling, they continue to work with local institutions, including the Police.

The University’s Student Services team and Staff Counselling Centre are on hand to offer urgent help to anyone who needs it. I am aware that College tutors, Directors of Studies, academic supervisors, and line managers are being asked to offer support to anyone finding it difficult to study or work in the current circumstances. Professors Munir and Vira have been in touch with the Cambridge University Jewish Society and the University’s Jewish Chaplaincy to extend offers of assistance.

Please be certain that, at this moment of deep shock and hurt for Israeli and Jewish members of our community, and in the face of such atrocities, you have my sincerest sympathy and solidarity. 

With best wishes,


Professor Deborah Prentice

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