Time travelling to the mother tongue

19 Jul 2016

he sounds of languages that died thousands of years ago have been brought to life again through technology that uses statistics in a revolutionary new way.

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Twenty top tips for interpreting scientific claims

21 Nov 2013

Aiming to improve policy-makers’ understanding of the imperfect nature of science, academics from the Universities of Cambridge and Melbourne have created a list of concepts that they believe should be part of the education of civil servants, politicians, policy advisers and journalists

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European Parliament Brussels

Fair representation in Europe?

11 Mar 2011

Until now, seats in the European Parliament have been allocated by political bargaining. A fairer way has been devised by an international panel of mathematicians, as described in a report released by the University of Cambridge this week.

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Living with uncertainty

01 May 2008

Assessing the chance of something happening or not happening confronts us all the time. A new programme led by David Spiegelhalter, the Winton Professor of the Public Understanding of Risk, is helping improve people's understanding of the mathematics of risk.

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