Study finds increased DNA mutations in children of teenage fathers

18 Feb 2015

New research reveals that the sperm cells of adolescent boys have more than six times the rate of DNA mutations as the equivalent egg cells in adolescent girls, resulting in higher rates of DNA mutation being passed down to children of teenage fathers. The findings suggest that the risk of birth defects is higher in the children of teenage fathers as a consequence.

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Successful Autumn for HE+

02 Dec 2013

More students in more areas of the UK will be able to join an HE+ project this autumn as the University of Cambridge’s scheme continues to develop.

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The lost library of Eleonora Duse

23 Jan 2013

How her personal library informed the phenomenal talent of the Italian actress Eleonora Duse is revealed in a newly-published book that catalogues the Duse Collection owned by Murray Edwards College.

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