‘Big Crunch Big Bang’ Conference

19 Nov 2008

What is a credit crunch? What has caused this credit crunch? What effect is it having and what effect will it have? What can we learn from it? What can we do to stop it and stop it happening again? These are all questions that the Big Crunch Big Bang Conference will aim to answer this Friday 21 November.

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Krzysztof Kieslowski's ‘The Decalogue’

17 Nov 2008

The New Europe Society will be showing the series of short films entitled ‘The Decalogue’. This is a series of films Director Stanley Kubrik described as the only masterpiece he could name in his lifetime. The films will be shown this Tuesday, November 18.

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Cambridge welcomes a new batch of School Liaison Officers

22 Sep 2008

The ranks of College School Liaison Officers (SLOs) have been augmented by some new faces over the past couple of months, as a growing number of Colleges make appointments and previous SLOs move on to pastures new at the end of their one- or two-year contracts.

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Seascapes at Murray Edwards College

22 Aug 2008

An exhibition of seascapes in gold leaf, Chinese inks, watercolours and other mediums are featured in the latest exhibition being held at Murray Edwards College.

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Jack, Emerald and Eve (and 47 others) get a taste of Cambridge

04 Jul 2008

Jack Cadman goes to a comprehensive in Loughton and wants to study economics; Emerald Sherlock-Mold is a pupil at a large state school in Sheffield and has a talent for languages; Eve Annable attends a Further Education college in Birkenhead and is passionate about English.

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