Lubbock Heart Hospital, Dec 16-17, 2005

A Greek tragedy in health?

10 Oct 2011

Cambridge-led research documents rises in HIV, heroin use, prostitution, homicides and suicides in the wake of the Greek financial crisis.

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Drug pushing in the New Europe

23 Sep 2011

A new study reveals how drug reimbursement policy in Poland is leaving gaping loopholes for pharmaceutical firms to exploit, raising questions about other, post-communist, EU member states.

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Digital news.

Media models for the digital age

06 Sep 2011

The headlines don’t look too good for newspapers. With falling readership and growing competition from the Internet, newspapers are questioning how and whether they can survive in the digital age. What they need to find is a successful business model for the future. Gates scholar Andrew Gruen is investigating just what that might look like for a new media start-up.

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Lois Lee

Europe’s forgotten “religion”

25 Aug 2011

Hundreds of millions of people in Europe alone are “non-religious”, but non-religion remains an understudied field. To mark the launch of a new journal on the subject, associate editor Lois Lee discusses its significance and its role in defining the identities of the “silent majority” in Europe.

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Wealthier, but not necessarily healthier

07 Jul 2010

One of the most famous and influential mantras of Barack Obama’s chief economic adviser – that wealthier nations are also healthier – has been called into question by a new study.

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browsing for books at The Strand

The future of books

01 Jan 2010

The book publishing industry has gone through more change during the past few decades than in any comparable period in its 500-year history. Professor John Thompson examines this change and asks what impact it will have on the future of books.

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Stacking practice bombs

Gender equality in modern times

01 Apr 2009

The largest multidisciplinary research network of its kind in the UK is investigating why gender equality is still a pressing social issue in the 21st century.

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