From cybercrime to earthquakes, influenza to air travel, research on risk and uncertainty reflects issues that are of paramount importance.

Strategic partner: Aviva

29 Apr 2020

A new partnership between Aviva and Cambridge is asking what do advances in technology and data science mean for the future of insurance?

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Governments are failing to understand global catastrophic risks and need to take urgent action, says new report

13 Aug 2019

Governments are failing to understand the human-driven catastrophic risks that threaten global security, prosperity and potential, and could in the...

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‘Crystal clocks’ used to time magma storage before volcanic eruptions

18 Jul 2019

The molten rock that feeds volcanoes can be stored in the Earth’s crust for as long as a thousand years, a result which may help with volcanic hazard...

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Evidence-based web tool aims to better inform and refine need for treatment in early prostate cancer

12 Mar 2019

A new tool to predict an individual’s prognosis following a prostate cancer diagnosis could help prevent unnecessary treatment and related side...

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Study identifies key challenges when communicating potential policies

14 Jun 2018

Cambridge researchers set out to define a new science for policy communications, with ambitions of finding the “Goldilocks zone” between too much and...

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Opinion: Dairy got the all-clear this week - but was it justified?

17 May 2017

When it comes to health claims around the food we eat, it’s worth taking a closer look at the science behind the headlines, say Eirini Trichia and...

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Opinion: The rapidly populating coastal region from the Gulf to Pakistan faces a huge tsunami risk

07 Apr 2017

In recent years, tsunamis have devastated coastal regions. Writing in The Conversation, Camilla Penney, PhD Candidate in Geophysics at University of...

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Opinion: How dangerous is burnt toast?

23 Jan 2017

A new campaign is warning people that burning some food, such as toast, is a potential cancer risk. Here, the evidence for this claim is explored by...

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Solar storms could cost USA tens of billions of dollars

19 Jan 2017

The daily economic cost to the USA from solar storm-induced electricity blackouts could be in the tens of billions of dollars, with more than half...

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Darwin Lectures go to extremes

19 Jan 2017

From climate change and extending the human lifespan to political extremism and reporting from war zones, this year’s Darwin College Lecture Series...

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New Cambridge centre sets out to prove we are not in a “post-truth” society

01 Nov 2016

The Winton Centre for Risk and Evidence Communication aims to ensure that facts on important issues are presented in ways that are accurate...

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‘Gut feelings’ help make more successful financial traders

19 Sep 2016

Financial traders are better at reading their ‘gut feelings’ than the general population – and the better they are at this ability, the more...

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