From exploring ancient ideas of generation to understanding new frontiers in fertility, Cambridge researchers are working across disciplines to study reproduction from multiple perspectives.

"Reproduction matters to us all": latest issue of Horizons magazine

20 November 2020

Professor Kathy Niakan talks about why it’s vital to take a multidisciplined approach to understanding the urgent challenges posed by reproduction today – and introduces our Spotlight on some of this work, highlighted in the latest issue of Cambridge's Horizons magazine.

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'Life Race'

A boost for family research

25 Mar 2009

A team studying the psychological well-being of children created by assisted reproduction has been awarded a prize for their work.

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Research links testosterone levels to autistic traits

13 Jan 2009

Research at Cambridge University's Autism Research Centre (ARC) has found that exposure to high levels of testosterone in the womb is related to the...

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large chromosomes

Rethinking the secrets of life: a code upon a code

04 Jan 2009

Epigenetics is taking the biomedical research world by storm; three Cambridge scientists use examples from their own research to explain why.

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La Paz, Chile

Prenatal origins of heart disease

04 Jan 2009

Studies in La Paz, the highest city in the world, are helping to uncover a link between prenatal conditions and heart disease in later life.

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Model embryo making

Making visible embryos

04 Jan 2009

A new online exhibition explores the visual culture of embryology as part of a research initiative on the history of reproduction.

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Culture Tubes

A novel way to model endometriosis

01 Jan 2009

A recently patented invention holds promise for understanding a debilitating disease that affects two million women in the UK.

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Charities benefit from new body image research

31 Oct 2008

A Cambridge University scholar has boosted participation in her research by turning it into a charity fundraiser.

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Test tubes

Tell donor-assisted children at early age, study says

10 Jul 2008

Parents with children conceived through assisted reproduction are likely to have good family relationships, but if they are going to tell their child...

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Downing Site

New centre to research biological relationship between a mother and her fetus

08 Jul 2008

A new centre which will research the vital biological interactions between a mother and her fetus launched today, Wednesday 9 July, at the University...

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Human placental villi showing signs of oxidative stress

Great expectations in pregnancy research

01 Feb 2008

Most pregnancies develop normally but when complications arise they can have devastating effects. Two recent initiatives in Cambridge hope to deliver...

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ultrasound scanning

Cambridge study links birth weight and long-term mental health

13 Dec 2007

Research conducted by the University of Cambridge in collaboration with the MRC Centre for Lifelong Health and Ageing, has revealed a link between...

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