From exploring ancient ideas of generation to understanding new frontiers in fertility, Cambridge researchers are working across disciplines to study reproduction from multiple perspectives.

"Reproduction matters to us all": latest issue of Horizons magazine

20 November 2020

Professor Kathy Niakan talks about why it’s vital to take a multidisciplined approach to understanding the urgent challenges posed by reproduction today – and introduces our Spotlight on some of this work, highlighted in the latest issue of Cambridge's Horizons magazine.

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Human embryo in the lab 9 days after fertilisation.

Study identifies trigger for ‘head-to-tail’ axis development in human embryo

17 Jun 2021

Scientists have identified key molecular events in the developing human embryo between days 7 and 14 - one of the most mysterious, yet critical...

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Pregnancy scan

Scientists can predict which women will have serious pregnancy complications

08 Jun 2021

Women who will develop potentially life-threatening disorders during pregnancy can be identified early when hormone levels in the placenta are tested...

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Pregnant woman

Simple treatment during pregnancy can protect baby from memory problems in later life, study in rats suggests

21 Apr 2021

A new study in laboratory rats has discovered a direct link between low oxygen in the womb and impaired memory function in the adult offspring. It...

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Giving life to research

19 Mar 2021

A special online symposium will celebrate the archive of IVF pioneer, Sir Robert Edwards, and seek ways that this extraordinary archive can be used...

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Medieval ‘birthing girdle’ parchment was worn during labour, study suggests

10 Mar 2021

Scientists have used emerging proteomic techniques to find traces of ancient vaginal fluid, honey and milk on a rare manuscript from the late 15th...

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Tales from the edge of modern fertilities

15 Dec 2020

A major research project sees sociologists situated at emerging hot spots of reproductive change, investigating the new ‘haves and have-nots’ in our...

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Surviving birth

10 Dec 2020

Researchers at one of the busiest maternity hospitals in the world aim to help more women survive complications giving birth.

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(When) are you going to have children?

01 Dec 2020

The decision about if and when to have children can be one of the most significant many people will ever make. But – for those who have the choice –...

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Set up for life

25 Nov 2020

We’re used to the idea that as adults we have some control over our destiny: what we eat and drink and how much we exercise can affect our health...

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Placenta is initiated first, as cells of a fertilised egg divide and specialise

23 Sep 2020

The first stages of placental development take place days before the embryo starts to form in human pregnancies. This new finding highlights the...

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Pregnant woman

Prevention of heart disease can start before birth

19 Aug 2020

Mitochondrial therapy in complicated pregnancies lowers the chance of cardiovascular problems in the offspring.

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Human embryo cultured in vitro

Study suggests embryos could be susceptible to coronavirus as early as second week of pregnancy

05 Aug 2020

Genes that are thought to play a role in how the SARS-CoV-2 virus infects our cells have been found to be active in embryos as early as during the...

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