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Patient receives Covid-19 vaccine

Patients with SARS-CoV-2 Delta variant were more likely to be admitted to hospital compared to patients with Alpha variant

31 Aug 2021

Largest study to date analysing more than 40,000 COVID-19 cases finds a two-fold increased risk of hospitalisation from delta versus alpha variant...

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DNA jigsaw

Rare genetic variants confer largest increase in type 2 diabetes risk seen to date

07 Jul 2021

Scientists at the University of Cambridge have identified rare genetic variants – carried by one in 3,000 people – that have a larger impact on the...

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Fish and chips

British consumers complicit in forty-year ‘healthy eating’ failure, new study suggests

01 Jul 2021

‘Healthy eating’ campaigns have largely failed in Britain for the last four decades because consumers have adapted confusing advice, and incorporated...

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Collage of Trinity Challenge finalists

Trinity Challenge announces inaugural winners

25 Jun 2021

The Trinity Challenge has announced the winners of its inaugural competition, and is investing a £5.7 million (US$8 million) charitable pledged prize...

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Fighting anxiety with science: exploring the links between self-control and wellbeing

25 Jun 2021

Dr Olivia Remes has spent her career researching mental health and wellbeing. In her new book, The Instant Mood Fix, she brings together the research...

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Man clutching his heart

New risk calculator to help save many more lives from heart attack and stroke

14 Jun 2021

A new risk calculator will better predict people at high risk of heart and circulatory diseases years before they strike, and is ready for use across...

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Participants at London's annual LGBT Pride march

England on track to achieve elimination of HIV transmission by 2030 as model shows sharp decrease in HIV incidence

10 Jun 2021

The annual number of new HIV infections among men who have sex with men in England is likely to have fallen dramatically, from 2,770 in 2013 to 854...

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Weighing scales and tape measure

Many of us could carry up to 17kg of fat due to a change in a single gene

27 May 2021

New research has found that one in every 340 people might carry a mutation in a single gene that makes them more likely to have a greater weight from...

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Bottles of soft drink

Sugar purchased in soft drinks fell 10% following introduction of industry levy

10 Mar 2021

The amount of sugar purchased by households through soft drinks fell by 10% in the year following the introduction of the UK Soft Drinks Industry...

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Doctor wearing face mask

Proper fit of face masks is more important than material, study suggests

11 Feb 2021

A team of researchers studying the effectiveness of different types of face masks has found that in order to provide the best protection against...

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Safety screens

03 Feb 2021

Since the start of October, a dedicated team drawn from across the University and its Colleges has been running an innovate programme to screen its...

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Silhouettes of three women running

Successive governments’ approaches to obesity policies have destined them to fail, say researchers

19 Jan 2021

Government obesity policies in England over the past three decades have largely failed because of problems with implementation, lack of learning from...

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