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Putting public health research into practice has had major impacts worldwide, resulting in longer, healthier lives.

People doing yoga together outdoors in Richmond USA in 2015

Reclaim ‘wellness’ from the rich and famous, and restore its political radicalism, new book argues

28 Mar 2024

A new cultural history of the 1970s wellness industry offers urgent lessons for today. It reveals that in the seventies, wellness was neither...

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School children watching a sports game from indoors

School uniform policies linked to students getting less exercise, study finds

15 Feb 2024

School uniform policies could be restricting young people from being active, particularly primary school-aged girls, new research suggests.

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A block of silica aerogel being held in a person's hand

Sensors made from ‘frozen smoke’ can detect toxic formaldehyde in homes and offices

09 Feb 2024

Researchers have developed a sensor made from ‘frozen smoke’ that uses artificial intelligence techniques to detect formaldehyde in real time at...

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Person standing on white digital bathroom scale

Feeling depressed linked to short-term increase in bodyweight among people with overweight or obesity

10 Jan 2024

Increases in symptoms of depression are associated with a subsequent increase in bodyweight when measured one month later, new research from the...

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A group of people standing around a table with plates of food

Healthy lifestyle can help prevent depression – and new research may explain why

11 Sep 2023

A healthy lifestyle that involves moderate alcohol consumption, a healthy diet, regular physical activity, healthy sleep and frequent social...

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Statue of a figure hugging its knees

Experts call for urgent mental health support for people living with long term autoimmune diseases

26 Jul 2023

More than half of patients with auto-immune conditions experience mental health conditions such as depression or anxiety, yet the majority are rarely...

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DNA discovery highlights how we maintain healthy blood sugar levels after meals

08 Jun 2023

A study of the DNA of more than 55,000 people worldwide has shed light on how we maintain healthy blood sugar levels after we have eaten, with...

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Trans Rights Protest London, April 2022

GP survey reveals health and healthcare inequalities of trans and non-binary adults

07 Feb 2023

Trans and non-binary adults are more likely than the general population to experience long-term health conditions, including mental health problems...

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London Underground trains

London Underground polluted with metallic particles small enough to enter human bloodstrem

15 Dec 2022

The London Underground is polluted with ultrafine metallic particles small enough to end up in the human bloodstream, according to University of...

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Woman checking her smart watch and mobile phone after run

Fitness levels accurately predicted using wearable devices – no exercise required

01 Dec 2022

Cambridge researchers have developed a method for measuring overall fitness accurately on wearable devices – and more robustly than current consumer...

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The “zero-chance” doctor who now advises government

19 Oct 2022

Growing up on free school meals at one of the lowest performing state schools in the country, Raghib Ali went on to become a leading epidemiologist...

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Group of children playing tug of war

Just over half of six-year-olds in Britain meet physical activity guidelines

11 Aug 2022

Fifty-three percent of six-year-olds met the recommended daily guidelines for moderate-to-vigorous physical activity in a study carried out pre-...

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