People with enterprising minds make things happen, whether it’s starting a business or social venture or doing something new in established organisations.

In this series, we ask people how they’re trying to change the world and what it takes to turn an idea into a reality.

From sick-care to health-care

09 February 2022

Meet the young biotech entrepreneur with two companies to her name and a plan to revolutionise the way we manage our health.

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Taking care of mental health

09 Feb 2023

Psychiatrist, Professor of Neurotechnology and 'Enterprising Mind', Sabine Bahn has founded two companies both with the aim of helping people with...

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Meet our enterprising minds

14 Nov 2022

Learn the secrets of their success, what it takes to start a business or social venture and why Cambridge is a great place to try something new.

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Comfortable with the uncomfortable

09 Nov 2022

Dr Jag Srai on finding unexpected ways around a problem and putting new supply chain thinking into practice with global companies.

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Live long and prosper

14 Jul 2022

Meet Daniel Ives, co-founder of a Cambridge start-up with one big ambition: to put an end to ageing and the diseases that come with it.

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Powering a green revolution

23 May 2022

Dr Giorgia Longobardi, founder and CEO of University spinout Cambridge GaN Devices, is harnessing the extraordinary properties of superconductor...

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Deep learning and disease detection

07 Apr 2022

Marcel Gehrung, co-founder and CEO of rapidly growing Cambridge biotech company, Cyted, on revolutionising disease diagnostics and the challenges of...

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The Cambridge networker

10 Mar 2022

'Enterprising mind', David Cleevely, one of the architects of Cambridge's world-leading innovation ecosystem, on the secrets of entrepreneurial...

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Change with purpose

21 Jan 2022

Pro-Vice-Chancellor for Enterprise and Business Relations, Professor Andy Neely, on why universities need to work with business partners, the...

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Running water

08 Nov 2021

Meet social enterprise founder, Francesca O'Hanlon whose tech start-up is partnering with local plumbing businesses to bring clean water to...

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One man, three companies, tens of thousands of lives...

22 Oct 2021

Professor Steve Jackson talks about drug discovery, serial entrepreneurship and the enterprising mindset.

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20 Oct 2021

Bruno Cotta introduces 'Enterprising Minds', a new profile series about Cambridge innovators and entrepreneurs - and what makes them tick.

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