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Research is tackling the need to reduce energy demand, maintain energy supply, increase the efficiency of energy-requiring processes, and develop policy and pricing strategies. To find out more about our research in energy, visit the Energy Interdisciplinary Research Centre (IRC) website

Aeroplane flying

The future of aviation: how will we fly to COP in 2035?

18 Nov 2022

In the week of COP27 people across the world have flown to Sharm El Sheikh to discuss action on climate change. Aviation is a crucial way to bring us...

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Tetrataenite found in Nuevo Mercurio, Zacatecas, Mexico

New approach to ‘cosmic magnet’ manufacturing could reduce reliance on rare earths in low-carbon technologies

25 Oct 2022

Researchers have discovered a potential new method for making the high-performance magnets used in wind turbines and electric cars without the need...

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Close-up image of pink rocks

Offshore carbon storage deployment and research needs to scale up for UK to deliver net zero pledge, says report

19 Oct 2022

The UK will need to step up research and deployment of new offshore carbon storage wells if it is to achieve the capacity required to deliver its net...

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Electric car charging

Watching lithium in real time could improve performance of EV battery materials

14 Oct 2022

Researchers have found that the irregular movement of lithium ions in next-generation battery materials could be reducing their capacity and...

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Fluid mechanics and the energy transition

14 Oct 2022

Decarbonisation of the energy system is the greatest challenge we face. At Cambridge’s Institute for Energy and Environmental Flows, world-leading...

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People charging their electric cars at charging station

Machine learning algorithm predicts how to get the most out of electric vehicle batteries

23 Aug 2022

Researchers have developed a machine learning algorithm that could help reduce charging times and prolong battery life in electric vehicles by...

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Floating ‘artificial leaves’ ride the wave of clean fuel production

17 Aug 2022

Researchers have developed floating ‘artificial leaves’ that generate clean fuels from sunlight and water, and could eventually operate on a large...

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Cambridge experts on the UK heatwave and climate change

19 Jul 2022

From heatwave 'dismay' to the 'deadly' effects of climate change, here's what two Cambridge experts say about the UK's record-breaking temperatures.

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Dr Sai Shivareddy and Professor Clare Grey

Cambridge spin-out Nyobolt raises £50m to lead on sustainable energy storage

15 Jul 2022

Nyobolt, the pioneer of end-to-end fast-charging battery systems, announces £50 million funding which will enable the company to enter a stage of...

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Solar panel close up

New approach topples major barrier to commercialisation of organic flow batteries

16 Jun 2022

Researchers from the University of Cambridge and Harvard University have developed a method to dramatically extend the lifetime of organic aqueous...

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Solar panels

Secret to treating ‘Achilles’ heel’ of alternatives to silicon solar panels revealed

24 May 2022

A team of researchers from the UK and Japan has found that the tiny defects which limit the efficiency of perovskites – cheaper alternative materials...

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Two smiling scientists in a lab

Low-cost battery-like device absorbs CO2 emissions while it charges

19 May 2022

Researchers have developed a low-cost device that can selectively capture carbon dioxide gas while it charges. Then, when it discharges, the CO2 can...

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