Research is tackling the need to reduce energy demand, maintain energy supply, increase the efficiency of energy-requiring processes, and develop policy and pricing strategies. To find out more about our research in energy, visit the Energy Interdisciplinary Research Centre (IRC) website

Computer generated image of enzyme

New, nature-inspired concepts for turning CO2 into clean fuels

28 Feb 2022

Researchers have developed an efficient concept to turn carbon dioxide into clean, sustainable fuels, without any unwanted by-products or waste.

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Xavier Moya

Zero-carbon refrigeration spin-out sets its sights on environmentally-friendly heating systems

16 Feb 2022

Zero-carbon refrigeration pioneer Barocal has secured a £1.3 million investment to accelerate commercialisation of its novel technology designed to...

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Scientists develop fully woven, smart display

10 Feb 2022

Researchers have developed a 46-inch (116cm) woven display with smart sensors, energy harvesting and storage integrated directly into the fabric.

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Exterior of Bath Abbey

Historic buildings could use solar panels to protect from rising energy costs

03 Feb 2022

Installing solar panels could help historic buildings beat the rising costs of energy, according to a new study.

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Artist's impression of formamidinium (FA)-based crystal

Templating approach stabilises ‘ideal’ material for alternative solar cells

23 Dec 2021

Researchers have developed a method to stabilise a promising material known as perovskite for cheap solar cells, without compromising its near-...

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Artistic representation of electrons funneling into high quality areas of perovskite material

Mystery of high-performing solar cell materials revealed in stunning clarity

22 Nov 2021

Researchers have visualised, for the first time, why perovskites – materials which could replace silicon in next-generation solar cells - are...

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Laboratory setup with lasers

Researchers identify and clear efficiency hurdle for organic solar cells

29 Sep 2021

Researchers have identified a key mechanism responsible for the lower efficiencies of organic solar cells and shown a way that this hurdle might be...

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The energy researcher who wants to build better to consume less

15 Sep 2021

Against a global backdrop of rising energy demands and finite resources, Rihab Khalid set out to understand how buildings can become more energy...

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Nano camera

Nano ‘camera’ made using molecular glue allows real-time monitoring of chemical reactions

02 Sep 2021

Researchers have made a tiny camera, held together with ‘molecular glue’ that allows them to observe chemical reactions in real time.

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Wind turbine manufacturing facility in Arkansas, USA

Scientists set out immediate actions and future research priorities to help UK to reach net zero target

25 Aug 2021

A new paper by leading UK scientists sets out key solutions and policy actions that should be implemented now, as well as priority research areas for...

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Illustration of batteries charging

Low-cost imaging technique shows how smartphone batteries could charge in minutes

23 Jun 2021

Researchers have developed a simple lab-based technique that allows them to look inside lithium-ion batteries and follow lithium ions moving in real...

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Professor Clare Grey

Professor Clare Grey awarded €1 million Körber Prize

22 Jun 2021

The Körber European Science Prize 2021, worth one million euros, is to be awarded to University of Cambridge chemist Professor Clare Grey, one of the...

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