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Research is tackling the need to reduce energy demand, maintain energy supply, increase the efficiency of energy-requiring processes, and develop policy and pricing strategies. To find out more about our research in energy, visit the Energy Interdisciplinary Research Centre (IRC) website

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A simple ‘twist’ improves the engine of clean fuel generation

24 Apr 2024

Researchers have found a way to super-charge the ‘engine’ of sustainable fuel generation – by giving the materials a little twist.

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Left to right: Clare Grey, Xinyu Liu, Alex Forse

Mess is best: disordered structure of battery-like devices improves performance

18 Apr 2024

The energy density of supercapacitors – battery-like devices that can charge in seconds or a few minutes – can be improved by increasing the ‘...

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Seaweeds showing structural colour

Shimmering seaweeds and algae antennae: sustainable energy solutions under the sea

22 Feb 2024

How could tiny antennae attached to tiny algae speed up the transition away from fossil fuels? This is one of the questions being studied by...

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Robot arm and semiconductor

£11m semiconductor research centre could be key player in UK’s net zero mission

13 Feb 2024

The University of Cambridge is a partner in the new £11m Innovation and Knowledge Centre (IKC) REWIRE, set to deliver pioneering semiconductor...

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Cambridge stall is staffed by one person at Green Careers Fair talking to students

Green jobs not just for STEM Grads

06 Feb 2024

Students at this year's Green Careers Fair nibbled edible crickets, cuddled plush pink octopi, and met industry experts for advice on landing a job...

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Businesswoman on electric bike

Reducing inequality is essential in tackling climate crisis, researchers argue

02 Jan 2024

Promoting climate-friendly behaviours will be more successful in societies where everyone has the capacity: financially, physically, and timewise, to...

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Magnetic monopoles in hematite

Diamonds and rust help unveil ‘impossible’ quasi-particles

05 Dec 2023

Researchers have discovered magnetic monopoles – isolated magnetic charges – in a material closely related to rust, a result that could be used to...

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Left to right: Professor Chiara Ciccarelli, Professor Jason Miller, Professor Rosana Collepardo-Guevara, and Dr Jenny Zhang

Four Cambridge researchers awarded consolidator grants from the European Research Council

22 Nov 2023

The European Research Council (ERC) has awarded grants worth a total of €627 million to 308 researchers across Europe, of whom four are at the...

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Device for making solar fuels on the River Cam near the Bridge of Sighs

Solar-powered device produces clean water and clean fuel at the same time

13 Nov 2023

A floating, solar-powered device that can turn contaminated water or seawater into clean hydrogen fuel and purified water, anywhere in the world, has...

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Left: Cecilia Mascolo, Right: Ismail Sami

Cambridge researchers awarded ERC funding to support commercial potential of their work

02 Aug 2023

University of Cambridge researchers have been awarded Proof of Concept grants from the European Research Council (ERC), to help them explore the...

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Lights could be the future of the internet and data transmission

25 Jul 2023

Fast data transmission could be delivered in homes and offices through light emitting diode (LED) bulbs, complementing existing communication...

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Image of the globe made up of binary numbers

Act now to prevent uncontrolled rise in carbon footprint of computational science

26 Jun 2023

Cambridge scientists have set out principles for how computational science – which powers discoveries from unveiling the mysteries of the universe to...

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