Research is tackling the need to reduce energy demand, maintain energy supply, increase the efficiency of energy-requiring processes, and develop policy and pricing strategies.

Easy-to-make, ultra-low-power electronics could charge out of thin air

13 Oct 2020

Researchers have developed a new approach to printed electronics that allows ultra-low-power electronic devices which could recharge from ambient...

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ARPA-type funding gives green technology an ‘innovation advantage’, study finds

14 Sep 2020

Startups funded by US agency ARPA-E file patents at twice the rate of similar cleantech firms. The UK should trial its own climate-focused ARPA as...

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Dr Qian Wang

Wireless device makes clean fuel from sunlight, CO2 and water

24 Aug 2020

Researchers have developed a standalone device that converts sunlight, carbon dioxide and water into a carbon-neutral fuel, without requiring any...

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New insights into lithium-ion battery failure mechanism

24 Aug 2020

Researchers have identified a potential new degradation mechanism for electric vehicle batteries – a key step to designing effective methods to...

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Greenhouse with tinted solar panels

Green energy and better crops: tinted solar panels could boost farm incomes

04 Aug 2020

Researchers have demonstrated the use of tinted, semi-transparent solar panels to generate electricity and produce nutritionally-superior crops...

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Printed coatings enable more efficient solar cells

09 Jul 2020

Researchers at Cambridge, Imperial and Singapore have developed a method to print ultrathin coatings on next-generation solar cells, allowing them to...

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Shedding light on dark traps

16 Apr 2020

Researchers pinpoint the origin of defects that sap the performance of next-generation solar technology.

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AI techniques used to improve battery health and safety

06 Apr 2020

Researchers have designed a machine learning method that can predict battery health with 10x higher accuracy than current industry standard, which...

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Electric cars better for climate in 95% of the world

23 Mar 2020

Fears that electric cars could actually increase carbon emissions are unfounded in almost all parts of the world, new research shows.

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New tools show a way forward for large-scale storage of renewable energy

02 Mar 2020

A technique based on the principles of MRI and NMR has allowed researchers to observe not only how next-generation batteries for large-scale energy...

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Prince of Wales launches new UK centre for low-carbon aviation

28 Jan 2020

The Prince of Wales today launched the National Centre for Propulsion and Power during a visit to the University of Cambridge. Based at the world...

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The "stop doing stupid stuff" approach to sustainable manufacturing

22 Jan 2020

Around 90% of the resources we process to create goods are not reaching the person for whom they are made. How can we make manufacturing more...

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