How research partnerships are offering innovative approaches to make the most of the region’s assets and tackle its more pressing challenges

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Children's Literature

Children's literature comes of age

01 May 2010

A new Centre for Children’s Literature is providing a focus for research on how children are shaped by early encounters with books and film.

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Simply leaf

Promoting green innovation

01 February 2010

A regional knowledge transfer project is linking the region's top plant science research with businesses wanting to develop new products.

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Cambridge confirmed as global leader in health science

09 March 2009

The strength of Cambridge as a globally-competitive centre for biomedical research, clinical education and healthcare innovation was confirmed...

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drawing CAD

Designing sustainable cities of the future

01 May 2008

As more people become city-dwellers, can we design cities to be more sustainable?

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You are what you eat: Investigating nutrition and cancer

01 April 2007

We all know that a good diet is key to good health, but it's now clear that certain foods we eat can unmask underlying susceptibilities to cancer...

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