How research partnerships are offering innovative approaches to make the most of the region’s assets and tackle its more pressing challenges

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A landmark study of health and lifestyle celebrates its 20th birthday

09 Oct 2013

A landmark longitudinal study of health in the community will celebrate its 20th anniversary in Norwich tomorrow (10 October). The research, which...

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African Horse Sickness: mapping how a deadly disease might spread in the UK

25 May 2013

A disease lethal to horses, until now confined to hot countries, could arrive in the UK. New research creates a picture of its possible spread and...

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After the flood: harnessing the power of mud

31 Jan 2013

On the 60th Anniversary of the ‘big flood’ that devastated the coastline of eastern England, new research shows that integrating ‘natural’ sea...

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Original manuscript of Fauna Cantabrigiensis

The remarkable notebook of a 19th-century naturalist

09 Jan 2013

A notebook recording the fauna of Cambridgeshire observed and collected by the Reverend Leonard Jenyns between 1820 and 1849 has been published in...

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On a dig

University to help uncover grass roots history

22 Nov 2012

Heritage researchers collaborate with community groups to dig up the past and air Cambridge’s dirty laundry as part of Lottery-funded project.

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Therapy over the phone as effective as face-to-face

28 Sep 2012

Phone therapy also increases access and potentially decreases costs.

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Professor Oliver Rackham leads a visit to Hayley Wood, August 2012

Hearts of oak

31 Aug 2012

Throughout his distinguished career as an ecologist Professor Oliver Rackham has been studying the delicate balance of habitats and species in Hayley...

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Robert Macfarlane on Orford Ness in Suffolk

Weather-washed, tide-turned

14 Jul 2012

When Cambridge academic and writer Dr Robert Macfarlane was asked to write a libretto for a performance celebrating the extraordinary landscape of...

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Morality prevents crime

25 Jun 2012

A landmark study of criminal activity in teenagers indicates that some never see crime as a course of action while others are vulnerable to...

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Faces in the Crowd

With the people, for the people: applying mental health research

21 May 2012

From campus to community, the worlds of mental health research and medical practice are being brought together by a collaboration involving...

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Anglo-Saxon bed burial with gold cross

Mystery of Anglo-Saxon teen buried in bed with gold cross

16 Mar 2012

Extraordinary 7th century discovery on outskirts of Cambridge offers unique insights into the origins of English Christianity.

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The Blind Beggar and his Grand-daughter

Benefiting from history

24 Feb 2012

A Cambridge academic’s research into the final days of the Old English Poor Law has thrown up some remarkable parallels to today’s welfare state –...

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