About half the world’s population uses the internet. How do we take advantage of this digital connectivity and also protect society from risk?

Making operating systems safer and faster with ‘unikernels’

28 Jan 2016

Technology to improve the security, speed and scale of data processing in age of the Internet of Things is being developed by a Cambridge spin-out...

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Teaching machines to see: new smartphone-based system could accelerate development of driverless cars

21 Dec 2015

Two technologies which use deep learning techniques to help machines to see and recognise their location and surroundings could be used for the...

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Opinion: How we built a robot that can evolve – and why it won’t take over the world

18 Dec 2015

Fumiya Iida (Department of Engineering) discusses the "mother" robot he has built with his colleagues, and why reacting to developments in robotics...

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The future of intelligence: Cambridge University launches new centre to study AI and the future of humanity

03 Dec 2015

The University of Cambridge is launching a new research centre, thanks to a £10 million grant from the Leverhulme Trust, to explore the opportunities...

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On the origin of (robot) species

12 Aug 2015

Researchers have observed the process of evolution by natural selection at work in robots, by constructing a ‘mother’ robot that can design, build...

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Alan Turing Institute up and running

05 Aug 2015

National institute for the development and use of advanced mathematics, computer science, algorithms and ‘Big Data’ has announced its first director...

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Oracle bones and unseen beauty: wonders of priceless Chinese collection now online

22 Jul 2015

A banknote from 1380 that threatens decapitation, a set of 17th-century prints so delicate they had never been opened, and 3000-year-old ‘oracle...

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I always feel like somebody’s watching me…

25 Jun 2015

What power can individuals have over their data when their every move online is being tracked? Researchers at the Cambridge Computer Laboratory are...

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How to read a digital footprint

23 Jun 2015

Researchers are using social media data to build a picture of the personalities of millions, changing core ideas of how psychological profiling works...

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Mining for Corruption

15 Jun 2015

Researchers have developed a new technique that trawls the enormous amounts of public procurement data now available across the EU to highlight...

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DNA/protein function finder from the Wellcome Trust, Sanger Institute, emblebi and YourGenome

The Big Dating Game

09 Jun 2015

When is a rare disease not a rare disease? The answer: when big data gets involved. An ambitious new research project aims to show patients that they...

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Let’s get statted

03 Jun 2015

With more information than ever at our fingertips, statisticians are vital to innumerable fields and industries. Welcome to the world of the datarati...

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