The translation of scientific advances in understanding cancer into real benefits for patients is gathering pace.

Molecular patterns could better predict breast cancer recurrence

13 March 2019

The genetic and molecular make-up of individual breast tumours holds clues to how a woman’s disease could progress, including the likelihood of it...

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Evidence-based web tool aims to better inform and refine need for treatment in early prostate cancer

12 March 2019

A new tool to predict an individual’s prognosis following a prostate cancer diagnosis could help prevent unnecessary treatment and related side...

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Researchers develop comprehensive new way to predict breast cancer risk

15 January 2019

Scientists have created the most comprehensive method yet to predict a woman’s risk of breast cancer, according to a study led by researchers at...

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AI system may accelerate search for cancer discoveries

27 November 2018

Searching through the mountains of published cancer research could be made easier for scientists, thanks to a new AI system. 

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Targeting hard-to-treat cancers

17 October 2018

Cambridge leads a £10 million interdisciplinary collaboration to target the most challenging of cancers.

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Protein discovery may explain why some patients develop resistance to new class of anti-cancer drugs

25 July 2018

A team of researchers at the University of Cambridge has identified a protein complex that might explain why some cancer patients treated with the...

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Making sense of cancer’s ‘big data’ problem to revolutionise patient care

10 July 2018

A new institute at the University of Cambridge aims to revolutionise cancer care by using cutting edge analytics to maximize the use of big data...

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Ancient American dogs almost completely wiped out by arrival of European breeds

05 July 2018

The arrival of Europeans to the Americas, beginning in the 15th century, all but wiped out the dogs that had lived alongside native people on the...

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DNA enzyme shuffles cell membranes a thousand times faster than its natural counterpart

21 June 2018

A new synthetic enzyme, crafted from DNA rather than protein, ‘flips’ lipid molecules within the cell membrane, triggering a signal pathway that...

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