Our unprecedented ability to collect, store and analyse data is opening up new frontiers in science and the humanities.

Predicting gentrification through social networking data

13 Apr 2016

Data from location-based social networks may be able to predict when a neighbourhood will go through the process of gentrification, by identifying...

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Opinion: Here’s how tweets and check-ins can be used to spot early signs of gentrification

12 Apr 2016

Desislava Hristova (Computer Laboratory) discusses how data from location-based social networks can be used to predict when a neighbourhood will go...

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'Artificial empathy' could help stores improve recommendations for customers

18 Mar 2016

Visual data will revolutionise the way companies talk to their customers, according to researchers at the Cambridge Judge Business School.

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Study of half a million people reveals sex and job predict how many autistic traits you have

03 Nov 2015

Measuring autistic traits in just under half a million people reveals that your sex, and whether you work in a STEM (science, technology, engineering...

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Exploiting the Government's education data could help to bridge the UK skills gap

30 Sep 2015

Analysing graduate earnings using anonymous administrative data can show how earnings vary for graduates and indicate which skills are in short...

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Big data shows the graduate pay premium is bigger for women

25 Sep 2015

Anna Vignoles (Faculty of Education), together with colleagues at the Institute for Fiscal Studies and Harvard University, authors a study that finds...

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One year and 272 billion measurements later, Gaia team celebrates first anniversary of observations

25 Aug 2015

A space mission to create the largest, most-accurate, three-dimensional map of the Milky Way is celebrating its first completed year of observations.

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Alan Turing Institute up and running

05 Aug 2015

National institute for the development and use of advanced mathematics, computer science, algorithms and ‘Big Data’ has announced its first director...

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Is big data still big news?

30 Jun 2015

People talk about ‘data being the new oil’, a natural resource that companies need to exploit and refine. But is this really true or are we in the...

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I always feel like somebody’s watching me…

25 Jun 2015

What power can individuals have over their data when their every move online is being tracked? Researchers at the Cambridge Computer Laboratory are...

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How to read a digital footprint

23 Jun 2015

Researchers are using social media data to build a picture of the personalities of millions, changing core ideas of how psychological profiling works...

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Artist's impression of the SKA, which will be made up of thousands of dishes that operate as one gigantic telescope

Masters of the universe

19 Jun 2015

The ‘world’s largest IT project’ — a system with the power of one hundred million home computers — may help to unravel many of the mysteries of our...

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