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Our unprecedented ability to collect, store and analyse data is opening up new frontiers in science and the humanities.

Network and data connection on a dark blue background.

Scientists begin building AI for scientific discovery using tech behind ChatGPT

13 Oct 2023

An international team of scientists, including from the University of Cambridge, have launched a new research collaboration that will leverage the...

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Digital generated image of multi coloured glowing data over landscape.

Machine learning models can produce reliable results even with limited training data

19 Sep 2023

Researchers have determined how to build reliable machine learning models that can understand complex equations in real-world situations while using...

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Vehicles with weather observation equipment track a storm

Is Data Justice key to Climate Justice?

17 Aug 2023

Biased artificial intelligence needs human help to avoid harmful climate action, Cambridge researchers say.

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Image of the globe made up of binary numbers

Act now to prevent uncontrolled rise in carbon footprint of computational science

26 Jun 2023

Cambridge scientists have set out principles for how computational science – which powers discoveries from unveiling the mysteries of the universe to...

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Green Leaf inside a Computer Circuit Board

Big data's hidden cost

16 Jan 2023

As the climate emergency and cost-of-living crisis focus our minds on how to reduce energy, a group of scientists have highlighted the hidden...

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Cambridge spin-out using data analytics to extend the life of our built environment

15 Mar 2022

BKwai, a construction data company that helps engineers develop smarter, more sustainable infrastructure, has raised £2.2 million in seed funding...

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Crab apple tree in bloom

UK plants flowering a month earlier due to climate change

02 Feb 2022

Climate change is causing plants in the UK to flower a month earlier on average, which could have profound consequences for wildlife, agriculture and...

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Growing Underground

29 Mar 2021

In the heart of London there is a farm like no other. It's subterranean, sustainable and energy smart. It also has a digital twin looking out for its...

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Blue and Brown Anatomical Lung Wall Decor

Machine learning comes of age in cystic fibrosis

23 Oct 2020

World-leading AI technology developed by the Cambridge Centre for AI in Medicine and their colleagues – some of which is being showcased this week at...

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Dame Sally Davies and The Trinity Challenge

Cambridge helps launch £10m Trinity Challenge to protect the world against future pandemics

14 Sep 2020

The University of Cambridge has joined a coalition of some of the world’s leading businesses and academic and tech institutions to launch The Trinity...

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On the move

02 Jul 2020

Wearable devices will play an important part in the healthcare delivery of the future. Cambridge and Nokia Bell Labs are working together to build...

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Strategic partner: Aviva

29 Apr 2020

A new partnership between Aviva and Cambridge is asking what do advances in technology and data science mean for the future of insurance?

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