From Charles Babbage to Alan Turing, Cambridge could be considered the birthplace of modern computing. Today, from the climate crisis to personalised medicine, we are applying AI to the world’s major challenges, exploring its ethical dimensions and collaborating with industry to ensure that our research has impact.

Novel Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2

Machine learning models for diagnosing COVID-19 are not yet suitable for clinical use

15 Mar 2021

Systematic review finds that machine learning models for detecting and diagnosing COVID-19 from medical images have major flaws and biases, making...

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Red bars on black background

Cambridge launches Regulatory Genome Project

21 Dec 2020

The project will use machine learning to sequence the world’s regulatory text and create an open-source repository of machine-readable regulatory...

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Dr Raj Jena and Yvonne Rimmer look at scans

AI could help cut waiting times for cancer by automating mark-up of patient scans prior to radiotherapy

16 Dec 2020

Doctors at Addenbrooke’s Hospital in Cambridge aim to drastically cut cancer waiting times by using artificial intelligence (AI) to automate lengthy...

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First Master’s programme on managing the risks of AI launched by Cambridge

07 Dec 2020

The UK’s first Master’s degree in the responsible use of artificial intelligence (AI) is being launched by the University of Cambridge.

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Reading diabetes monitor

Computer vision app allows easier monitoring of diabetes

13 Nov 2020

A computer vision technology developed by University of Cambridge engineers has now been developed into a free mobile phone app for regular...

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Blue and Brown Anatomical Lung Wall Decor

Machine learning comes of age in cystic fibrosis

23 Oct 2020

World-leading AI technology developed by the Cambridge Centre for AI in Medicine and their colleagues – some of which is being showcased this week at...

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How machine learning can help to future-proof clinical trials in the era of COVID-19

23 Sep 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic is the greatest global healthcare crisis of our generation, presenting enormous challenges to medical research, including...

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AI shows how hydrogen becomes a metal inside giant planets

09 Sep 2020

Researchers have used a combination of AI and quantum mechanics to reveal how hydrogen gradually turns into a metal in giant planets.

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Whiteness of AI erases people of colour from our ‘imagined futures’, researchers argue

06 Aug 2020

The overwhelming ‘Whiteness’ of artificial intelligence – from stock images and cinematic robots to the dialects of virtual assistants – removes...

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Predictive touch system

AI-based ‘no-touch touchscreen’ could reduce risk of pathogen spread from surfaces

23 Jul 2020

A ‘no-touch touchscreen’ developed for use in cars could also have widespread applications in a post-COVID-19 world, by reducing the risk of...

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New programme to accelerate AI research capability at Cambridge

24 Jun 2020

A new initiative at Cambridge will equip young researchers outside computer science with the skills they need to use machine learning and artificial...

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Striking differences revealed in COVID-19 mortality between NHS trusts

12 Jun 2020

A University of Cambridge team led by Professor Mihaela van der Schaar and intensive care consultant Dr Ari Ercole of the Cambridge Centre for AI in...

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