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From the climate crisis to personalised medicine, we are applying AI to the world’s major challenges, exploring its ethical dimensions and collaborating with industry to ensure that our research has the greatest impact.

Cambridge launches Institute for Technology and Humanity

21 November 2023

A major interdisciplinary initiative has been launched that aims to meet the challenges and opportunities of new technologies as they emerge, today and far into the future.

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New open-source platform allows users to evaluate performance of AI-powered chatbots

04 Jun 2024

Researchers have developed a platform for the interactive evaluation of AI-powered chatbots such as ChatGPT.

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Ripples in water

Testing the water

30 May 2024

Industry placements for PhD students can be hugely beneficial for all concerned. We hear from two former students and the companies they worked for.

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A visualisation of one of the design scenarios highlighted in the latest paper

Call for safeguards to prevent unwanted ‘hauntings’ by AI chatbots of dead loved ones

09 May 2024

Cambridge researchers lay out the need for design safety protocols that prevent the emerging “digital afterlife industry” causing social and...

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Computer generated image of a human brain

Training AI models to answer ‘what if?’ questions could improve medical treatments

19 Apr 2024

Machines can learn not only to make predictions, but to handle causal relationships. An international research team shows how this could make medical...

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close up of an eye

Artificial intelligence beats doctors in accurately assessing eye problems

17 Apr 2024

A study has found that the AI model GPT-4 significantly exceeds the ability of non-specialist doctors to assess eye problems and provide advice.

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Professor Michele Vendruscolo wearing a white lab coat

AI speeds up drug design for Parkinson’s ten-fold

17 Apr 2024

Researchers have used artificial intelligence techniques to massively accelerate the search for Parkinson’s disease treatments.

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AI and scholarship: a manifesto

15 Mar 2024

Two leading academics from the University's School of Humanities and Social Sciences provide a framework that supports scholars and students in...

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Left to right: Manish Chhowalla, Nic Lane, Erwin Reisner

Three Cambridge researchers awarded Royal Academy of Engineering Chair in Emerging Technologies

14 Mar 2024

Three Cambridge researchers – Professors Manish Chhowalla, Nic Lane and Erwin Reisner – have each been awarded a Royal Academy of Engineering Chair...

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AI at Cambridge Festival 2024

05 Mar 2024

Election disruption, deepfakes, the metaverse and more will be explored and debated by Cambridge University researchers.

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Robot arm handling test tubes.

Opinion: the future of science is automation

26 Feb 2024

Professor Ross King from Cambridge's Department of Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology, who originated the idea of a 'Robot Scientist', discusses...

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Sunrise on planet Earth viewed from space

Ambitious goals for Dawn – the UK's fastest AI supercomputer

23 Feb 2024

Dawn is now being deployed for use by scientists within Cambridge and across the UK to support ambitious goals in clean energy, personalised medicine...

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Aim policies at ‘hardware’ to ensure AI safety, say experts

14 Feb 2024

Chips and datacentres – the “compute” driving the AI revolution – may be the most effective targets for risk-reducing AI policies, according to a new...

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