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Journeys of discovery: rapid genome sequencing

18 May 2021

David Klenerman and Shankar Balasubramanian talk about their discovery of a revolutionary DNA sequencing technology – and the global impact that continues to surprise them.

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Opinion: Russian gas will fund Putin’s war

08 Mar 2022

Would Europe cutting off Russian oil and gas imports be enough to convince Putin to stop the war on Ukraine? According to Dr Chi Kong Chyong from the...

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From Antarctica to the Universe: the Cambridge Festival 2022

28 Feb 2022

The Cambridge Festival, which had its inaugural festival in 2021, is back with a bang this year with over 350 in-person and online events and...

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The life of Pi: Ten years of Raspberry Pi

25 Feb 2022

The most successful computer ever to come out of the UK celebrates its tenth anniversary this year.

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Poet Laureate Library Tour comes to Cambridge University Library 

24 Feb 2022

As part of his tour to give readings in libraries across the UK, Poet Laureate Simon Armitage will visit Cambridge University Library on 28th March.

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'Inspiring Scientists' programme for sixth-formers launched

24 Feb 2022

Sixth-formers spend half-term in Cambridge labs as part of new Inspiring Scientists programme

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Digital manufacturing on a shoestring

24 Feb 2022

How approaches to low-cost digitalisation pioneered by Cambridge researchers are helping smaller UK manufacturers to go digital and reap the rewards...

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Ukraine needs solidarity not ‘Crimnesia'

22 Feb 2022

Cambridge's associate professor of Ukrainian studies places the country's current crisis in historical and regional context, offering chilling...

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Accelerating melt rate makes Greenland Ice Sheet world’s largest ‘dam’

21 Feb 2022

The world’s second-largest ice sheet is melting from the bottom up – and generating huge amounts of heat from hydropower.

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Planning cities for physical activities

17 Feb 2022

Free online tools built by Cambridge researchers are helping planners design exercise into our towns and cities.

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Musical preferences unite personalities across the globe

10 Feb 2022

Research involving more than 350,000 participants from six continents has found that links between musical preferences and personality are universal...

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Apprenticeships are for everyone

07 Feb 2022

In National Apprenticeship Week, we ask some of our 127 apprentices what it’s like to study while you work.

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Training a new breed of clinical triallist

03 Feb 2022

Cambridge's Experimental Medicine Initiative, working with AstraZeneca and GSK, is training specialists who can work out at an earlier stage of...

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