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‘Wonderchicken’ fossil from the age of dinosaurs reveals origin of modern birds

18 March 2020

The oldest fossil of a modern bird yet found, dating from the age of dinosaurs, has been identified by an international team of palaeontologists.

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The grateful gardener who brought Apocalypse Now to a flowerbed

23 Nov 2020

He builds human-sized nests from twigs, spins circles in the garden and torches wicker men at Harvest Moon. The music-loving college gardener Peter...

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Beyond the pandemic: focus on productivity to make everyone better off

16 Nov 2020

There is simply no way out of the immediate economic hit of a pandemic, says Professor Diane Coyle, but it is essential to be aware of how the crisis...

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Beyond the pandemic: build a greener future

09 Nov 2020

It is crucial that recovery from the pandemic is shaped to support the responses to climate change and biodiversity loss if we hope to mitigate yet...

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The scientist reducing the rise of superbugs by talking to farmers

06 Nov 2020

Chioma Achi is worried about the global misuse of antibiotics in agricultural practices. Her work helping farmers in Nigeria to reduce infection in...

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The lawyer working towards equality and dignity for all

27 Oct 2020

Gates Cambridge Scholar Rumbidzai Dube has long held a passion for international relations and humanitarian issues. After working for ten years as a...

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The scientist who launched a comic and flew the flag for Black History Month

23 Oct 2020

Self-confessed comic addict Osarenkhoe Ogbeide sees beyond the superhero to the scientist. When he’s not developing printable gas sensors, he’s...

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Unexpected experiences: Stephen J Toope concludes the series with a sense of optimism for the future

22 Oct 2020

"It fills me with enormous gratitude that – at the moment of greatest challenge – our collegiate community rallied and rose to the occasion."

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The student entrepreneur who interviewed Stormzy about race and privilege

20 Oct 2020

Recent graduate and former president of the African and Caribbean Society, Toni Fola-Alade, talks about advocacy, start-ups and fundraising for...

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Unexpected experiences: Catherine Arnold reflects on a curious first year as Master of St Edmund's College

09 Oct 2020

What links two large furry Loch Ness Monsters, key-cards, and donning a gown to eat pot noodles? The answer is the unexpected creativity that...

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The colleagues who’ve scored almost a century in continuous service to the University

06 Oct 2020

As they (literally) hand over the keys to their much-loved Vet School, Betty and Paul tell us about the poorly elephant who brought two friends and...

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Unexpected experiences: Meet the volunteers behind the masks at the Cambridge Testing Centre

05 Oct 2020

They juggled their jobs and sacrificed sleep to volunteer at the Cambridge Testing Centre, a collaboration between the University, AstraZeneca and...

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On being black at Cambridge

02 Oct 2020

Sharon Mehari, president of the African Caribbean Society, talks about inspiring vloggers, COVID-19 and the importance of having actionable...

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