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‘Wonderchicken’ fossil from the age of dinosaurs reveals origin of modern birds

18 March 2020

The oldest fossil of a modern bird yet found, dating from the age of dinosaurs, has been identified by an international team of palaeontologists.

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Unexpected experiences: Michelle Reynolds reflects on reopening the Staff Counselling Centre post-pandemic

10 Jul 2020

As the Staff Counselling Centre re-opens its premises, post lockdown, Michelle Reynolds reflects on the past three months and how this experience...

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Hidden treasures of Cambridge Digital Library

08 Jul 2020

With almost 40,000 items to browse there is something for everyone in the Cambridge Digital Library. Here we focus on four archives showcasing the...

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Unexpected experiences: Beverley Glover discusses keeping the Botanic Gardens open online during the pandemic

07 Jul 2020

In the second of a new series, Beverley Glover talks about keeping the gardens open online and the apprehension welcoming visitors back in person.

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Unexpected experiences: Matt Rowe talks about life in the time of pandemic

02 Jul 2020

In the first of a new series, Selwyn College Catering Manager Matt Rowe tells of swapping ‘super formals’ for providing emergency supplies to the...

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Found in translation

03 Jun 2020

How Cambridge researcher Dr Ebele Mogo helped tackle a coronavirus public health language gap across Africa in four weeks and 18 languages with 30...

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Strategic partner: Aviva

29 Apr 2020

A new partnership between Aviva and Cambridge is asking what do advances in technology and data science mean for the future of insurance?

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Coronavirus pandemic: making safer emergency hospitals

28 Apr 2020

Simple, low-cost ventilation designs and configuration of wards can reduce the dispersal of airborne virus in emergency COVID-19 hospitals, say...

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Gates Cambridge Class of 2020

15 Apr 2020

The Gates Cambridge Scholarship is one of the world's most sought after awards. This year's cohort includes 77 Scholars from 30 countries, who will...

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The world's their fish finger

12 Mar 2020

Smothered in ketchup or squished into a sandwich, there’s one tasty convenience food that’s hard to resist. Now two Cambridge researchers believe...

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It’s a kind of magic

06 Mar 2020

How trickster birds are helping a psychologist and magician understand how our minds work.

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Half billion-year-old 'social network' observed in early animals

05 Mar 2020

Some of the first animals on Earth were connected by networks of thread-like filaments, the earliest evidence yet found of life being connected in...

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Shanidar Z: what did Neanderthals do with their dead?

18 Feb 2020

Archaeologists have unearthed a Neanderthal skeleton in a famous cave in Iraqi Kurdistan. They say the new discovery provides a unique opportunity to...

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