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Journeys of discovery: rapid genome sequencing

18 May 2021

David Klenerman and Shankar Balasubramanian talk about their discovery of a revolutionary DNA sequencing technology – and the global impact that continues to surprise them.

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Flu season 2021: how worried should we be?

12 Oct 2021

Are we in for a bad flu season this winter? Cambridge experts who have been studying flu for decades consider the scenarios that may lie ahead.

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A mental health revolution

07 Oct 2021

Cambridge-led computerised cognitive assessments transform early detection and treatment of neurological and psychiatric disorders.

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Track and trace in Sierra Leone

30 Sep 2021

Professor Ian Goodfellow played a crucial role in helping to bring the Ebola epidemic in Sierra Leone to a close in 2014. His team's work helped...

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Open Cambridge launches 2021 programme

16 Aug 2021

This year’s programme, focussing on the past and present, is a real treat for anyone interested in learning more about this fascinating city through...

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Climate change will transform cooling effects of volcanic eruptions, study suggests

12 Aug 2021

Researchers have shown that human-caused climate change will have important consequences for how volcanic gases interact with the atmosphere.

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Transcribing together

23 Jul 2021

Volunteers join together to help the Cambridge Digital Library transcribe the notebooks of notable British ecologist, Oliver Rackham.

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Monitoring the Meerkats of the Kalahari

16 Jul 2021

Getting close was a challenge. Cracking it was key to an incredible 30-year study of the wild meerkats of the Kalahari.

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Inflatable, shape-changing spinal implants could help treat severe pain

25 Jun 2021

A team of engineers and clinicians has developed an ultra-thin, inflatable device that can be used to treat the most severe forms of pain without the...

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Fighting anxiety with science: exploring the links between self-control and wellbeing

25 Jun 2021

Dr Olivia Remes has spent her career researching mental health and wellbeing. In her new book, The Instant Mood Fix, she brings together the research...

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Putting plants under the microscope

18 Jun 2021

Advanced microscopes at the University’s Sainsbury Laboratory are revealing the potential of plants as green factories for new chemicals and...

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The Cambridge Festival

11 Jun 2021

Four themes, ten days, 350 free online events, and more than 100,000 views across 175 countries.

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The futurist who'd like the future to slow down - just a little

10 Jun 2021

The problem with being a futurist, says Richard Watson, is that change is happening a lot faster and a lot crazier these days. We talk to him about...

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