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‘Wonderchicken’ fossil from the age of dinosaurs reveals origin of modern birds

18 March 2020

The oldest fossil of a modern bird yet found, dating from the age of dinosaurs, has been identified by an international team of palaeontologists.

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“For the creative, with the energy to grasp them, this year will present opportunities like no other.”

18 Sep 2020

Dr Judith Bunbury, Senior Tutor at St Edmund’s College, looks ahead to the coming term, and all it has in store for new and returning students.

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Unexpected experiences: Toni Fola-Alade talks about studying for finals during a pandemic

17 Sep 2020

Final-year student Toni Fola-Alade had a plan: secure investment for his startup, focus on his exams and enjoy his final term as a student. Then...

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“Behind every COVID-19 test sample is a person worried about their results”

04 Sep 2020

Meet the volunteer scientists who turn swab samples into diagnoses – again and again and again.

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The Facebook post that launched a thousand shields (and counting)

03 Sep 2020

Cambridge researchers are supporting a project to 3D-print face shields and face masks in Malawi. The work is helping them create a 'blueprint' for...

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Cambridge University Library joins Google Arts and Culture

31 Aug 2020

Cambridge University Library partners with Google Arts and Culture to open its world-class collections freely to a global audience becoming the first...

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Beyond the pandemic: put universities at the heart of an innovation-led recovery

28 Aug 2020

Universities have stepped up to meet the challenges presented by the pandemic. Tomas Ulrichsen, an expert on universities and their role in...

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Call of the wild collector

28 Aug 2020

Walking at ‘botanist pace’ on Mount Terror in South Africa, Dr Ángela Cano likes to stop and smell the succulents. She then measures, photographs...

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Unexpected experiences: Mike Weekes describes setting up a full-scale COVID-19 testing facility

27 Aug 2020

When infectious diseases expert Mike Weekes realised he and colleagues had know-how that could help protect staff, patients and students in a...

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The chemist who fuses fashion with science

21 Aug 2020

Areeb Mahtey is studying for a PhD in epigenetics, but outside the lab he is a member of the University of Cambridge’s Fashion and Luxury Brands...

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Unexpected experiences: George Doji reflects on putting museum storytelling into the digital world

20 Aug 2020

George Doji, host of Museum Remix at the University of Cambridge Museums, describes the digital experiment in museum storytelling that began when the...

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Beyond the pandemic: tackle the digital divide

13 Aug 2020

Increased working, learning and interacting online during the pandemic has widened the gap for those who lack digital skills or access, writes Gemma...

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A baker, a plumber, and a... swan taker

10 Aug 2020

Cambridge University Library's joint project with the Cambridgeshire and Huntingdonshire Family History Society, continues to reveal the secrets of...

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