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A break from the lawn: can an iconic meadow seed wider change?

24 May 2023

A new study at King's College, Cambridge reveals the striking benefits of letting lawns go wild. Can others be persuaded to break with a 300-year old social norm?

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The Crimean Tatar who wants freedom for Ukraine to sing again

18 May 2023

Displaced journalist and scholar Elmaz Asan arrived in Cambridge from Ukraine in October 2022. She sees her research as a chance to fight back...

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King Charles III at Cambridge

04 May 2023

On the occasion of his Coronation, we look at and celebrate the King's longstanding relationship with the University of Cambridge.

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Long-forgotten poem by 'Injured Queen' uncovered

03 May 2023

Cambridge University Library is now home to a collection of papers giving an intimate account of the Royal Family in open conflict during its...

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In search of seal poo on Robinson Crusoe Island

30 Apr 2023

Dr Constanza Toro-Valdivieso has been to the ends of the Earth to collect seal poo. Her results show that seemingly healthy seals are contaminated by...

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Raymond Briggs: A Retrospective

28 Apr 2023

A new exhibition at Cambridge University Library celebrates the life, work and legacy of the award-winning author and illustrator.

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The River Mimram. Image: Charles Rangeley-Wilson

Saving England's chalk streams

27 Apr 2023

A conference organised by Pembroke College, Cambridge Conservation Initiative and WildFish Conservation has mobilised activists working to save chalk...

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Fabric with electronics woven into it

Cheaper method for making woven displays and smart fabrics – of any size or shape

21 Apr 2023

Researchers have developed next-generation smart textiles – incorporating LEDs, sensors, energy harvesting, and storage – that can be produced...

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Computer generated image of a head by Geralt, via Pixabay / Annie Spratt

ChatGPT, we need to talk

05 Apr 2023

Since its public release, ChatGPT has experienced widespread adoption. Its role in education, however, remains a topic of contention. Two researchers...

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Part IV: Celebrating the Cambridge Women Changing the World

30 Mar 2023

Part IV - The Finale: To mark International Women's Day and Women's History Month, the University is delighted to shine a light on some of the...

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A brief history of time: a guide to Cambridge clocks

24 Mar 2023

To mark the start of British Summer Time, we explore Cambridge's most iconic clocks.

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Petals of daisy with fake lady fly visible

This deceptive daisy remixed its genes to make fake lady flies

23 Mar 2023

Researchers have discovered how a South African daisy makes fake lady flies on its petals to trick male flies into pollinating it.

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How The Boat Race is propelling routes into rowing

23 Mar 2023

With The Boat Race mere days away, we explore how the rowing community is working to increase and diversify the entry points to this iconic sport.

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