Stem cells, the 'building blocks' for every type of cell in the body, have tremendous potential to improve human health.

The body in miniature

20 March 2018

The past few years has seen an explosion in the number of studies using organoids – so-called ‘mini organs’. While they can help scientists...

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Study in mice suggests personalised stem cell treatment may offer relief for progressive MS

22 February 2018

Scientists have shown in mice that skin cells re-programmed into brain stem cells, transplanted into the central nervous system, help reduce...

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Plants increase flower production within a day of soil nutrient application

23 January 2018

The molecular mechanisms enabling plants to quickly adapt their rate of flower production in response to changing nutrient levels in soil have...

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‘Mini liver tumours’ created in a dish for the first time

16 November 2017

Scientists have created mini biological models of human primary liver cancers, known as organoids, in the lab for the first time. In a paper...

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Synthetic organs, nanobots and DNA ‘scissors’: the future of medicine

12 October 2017

Nanobots that patrol our bodies, killer immune cells hunting and destroying cancer cells, biological scissors that cut out defective genes: these...

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Scientists reveal the beautiful simplicity underlying branching patterns in tissue

21 September 2017

In the centenary year of the publication of a seminal treatise on the physical and mathematical principles underpinning nature – On Growth and...

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Artificial bile ducts grown in lab and transplanted into mice could help treat liver disease in children

03 July 2017

Cambridge scientists have developed a new method for growing and transplanting artificial bile ducts that could in future be used to help treat...

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Patching up a broken heart

16 June 2017

It is almost impossible for an injured heart to fully mend itself. Within minutes of being deprived of oxygen – as happens during a heart attack...

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Similarities in human and pig embryos provide clues to early stages of development

07 June 2017

Scientists have shown how the precursors of egg and sperm cells – the cells that are key to the preservation of a species – arise in the early...

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