From cybercrime to earthquakes, influenza to air travel, research on risk and uncertainty reflects issues that are of paramount importance.

Apocalyptic thinking and urban resilience

19 Oct 2012

Through analysis of human resilience, particularly in cities, Professor Ash Amin believes that state guarantees of welfare and infrastructure will...

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Online privacy

Privacy by design

18 Oct 2012

New research aims to ensure that we can exploit the full benefits of the digital world and still protect our online privacy.

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Original sin and the risk of epidemics

10 Oct 2012

Mathematicians are helping to build a better picture of how populations develop immunity to flu and which groups are most at risk of getting – and...

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Haiti after the January 2010 earthquake

Ounce of prevention, pound of cure

09 Oct 2012

Working with humanitarian organisations in Haiti, Cambridge researchers have found that an information system they designed to track how regions...

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Oil palm plantation

Climate chemistry and the tropics

05 Oct 2012

New models are being developed to predict how changing land use in the tropics could affect future climate, air quality and crop production.

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Initial ISI-MIP simulation showing the effects on vegetation productivity at the highest emissions scenario (reduction: red to yellow; increase: green to blue)

Modelling impacts of a warming world

03 Oct 2012

A community-driven modelling effort aims to quantify one of the gravest of global uncertainties: the impact of global warming on the world’s food...

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Car manufacturing

Crash, crisis, calamity: system shock in a globalised world

01 Oct 2012

Threats that cause supply chains and other networks to break down can cascade through today’s interconnected world of social, economic and financial...

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David Spiegelhalter

Risk and uncertainty

01 Oct 2012

This month, the University of Cambridge will be profiling research that addresses risk and uncertainty. To begin, Professor David Spiegelhalter...

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Traumatic childhood may increase the risk of drug addiction

31 Aug 2012

Research examines the link between a traumatic upbringing and personality traits which increase the risk of addiction.

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A wave approaches Miyako City from the Heigawa estuary in Iwate Prefecture

Scientists explain scale of Japanese tsunami

24 Aug 2012

Tsunamis are caused by earthquakes under the seabed. Some tsunamis – including the disaster that hit Japan last year – are unexpectedly large...

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Sun's active region loops

New light shed on explosive solar activity

02 Jul 2012

The first images of an upward surge of the Sun’s gases into quiescent coronal loops have been identified by an international team of scientists. The...

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Morality prevents crime

25 Jun 2012

A landmark study of criminal activity in teenagers indicates that some never see crime as a course of action while others are vulnerable to...

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