From cybercrime to earthquakes, influenza to air travel, research on risk and uncertainty reflects issues that are of paramount importance.

Still The Brave Tin Soldiers

Planning for war: a guide for businesses

19 Feb 2015

Dr Andrew Coburn of the Cambridge Judge Business School writes on The Conversation website about how business leaders have reawakened to the risk of...

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Why a disaster may not be disastrous

03 Oct 2014

Research shows that the behaviour of business leaders could be directly linked to their experiences in childhood.

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Burger and fries

Some saturated fatty acids may present a bigger risk to diabetes than others

06 Aug 2014

The relationship between saturated fat and type 2 diabetes may be more complex than previously thought, according to the results of a large...

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Stress hormones in financial traders may trigger ‘risk aversion’ and contribute to market crises

18 Feb 2014

New study’s findings overturn theory of personal risk preference as a ‘stable trait’, and show that real source of instability in risk behaviour “...

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Putting a price on our future

07 Oct 2013

Helping big businesses consider their impact on the environment is leading to a re-evaluation of activities to combine profitability with...

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After the flood: harnessing the power of mud

31 Jan 2013

On the 60th Anniversary of the ‘big flood’ that devastated the coastline of eastern England, new research shows that integrating ‘natural’ sea...

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The Jarrow March symbolises austerity in the 1930s

Austerity Britain: it's déjà vu all over again

16 Jan 2013

The last 100 years have seen several governments introduce austerity measures to try to balance the books. Duncan Needham, a Phd candidate in the...

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Hurricane Katrina makes landfall in the US. Speaking this week in Cambridge, engineer Tom O’Rourke will describe such disasters as game-changers for those wishing to protect people from similar, future events.

Natural disasters, infrastructure and the “new normal”

15 Jan 2013

The Japanese and Canterbury earthquakes, Hurricanes Katrina and Sandy and a host of other modern natural disasters have changed the game for those...

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Humanity's last invention and our uncertain future

25 Nov 2012

A philosopher, a scientist and a software engineer have come together to propose a new centre at Cambridge to address developments in human...

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How risky is your breakfast?

27 Oct 2012

Understanding how the numbers add up in relation to risk can help us deal with our own uncertainty, as David Spiegelhalter, Winton Professor for the...

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Bike in flood

The making of a National Risk Register

26 Oct 2012

Why does Britain need a National Risk Register (NRR)? To understand what the risks are and how to improve resilience, explains John Tesh, the Cabinet...

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Heathrow Airport

The future of flying

23 Oct 2012

Aircraft that work together to solve complicated mathematical problems and airports with more flexibly used runways could be the future of flying...

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